25 October 2013

Oh man, too much love for Instagram posting, and never never any blog action.

Hmm, I wonder if this thing still gets any views?? Maybe only since OMF still has it linked!

I should be better, and there should be many more opportunities to post photos of amazing views, fun adventures, and all around goodness now that we are officially moving back to Virginia this December!

Lemma and I are now engaged!! and Foof bound!

21 June 2013

Why am i so bad about updating this?!?!

Have i become boring??

Id like to say ive just been busy....doin stuff!!

17 April 2013

Bad luck!

Plagued by mechanicals!!!

Derailleurs, tires, hangers, spokes!

Had quite a fun time at the Roubaix.
Dragon's Tale was a great experience despite my bicycle woes.
Need to fill in on our big day on the Glenwood Horse Trail!

15 March 2013

Spent last weekend taking in one more time to play in the snow!

Bring on the warm weather! No....seriously... Its 28 out right now...guhhhh

25 February 2013

Happy 30th Scott

Got out in the woods in Dolly Sods Wilderness of WV for a few days of adventure to celebrate Scott's big day!

We got a huge break on the weather and the sun came out to keep us warm!

21 February 2013


Actually...been doing a lot really. Even got in a little more skiing.

Been riding of course...but my commutes to work and rides at the local parks, while fun, aren't always post-worthy.

We did take a chill trip to the beach last weekend. Suuuuper nice. Was neat to see some snow flakes at the beach!

17 January 2013

A big day in the mountains

What an amazing backcountry experience in the mountains of North Carolina. 

I was in need to out in the woods and play. This one was super solid, and man was a I tired, beat, and stoked for another after. It was a great way to enjoy the little blip of warm weather!