25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

23 December 2012

What a beautiful day!

Playing around in the snow
A full day with Lem, Burchy, Erin, and Mr. Wo! Sarah, Casey and Timmer too!

I think even sir Nate was out 'n about tho we didn't cross tracks. Too bad. Maybe next time.

So very good to be here.

02 December 2012

November was quick!

The holiday time off was really nice. It was a great couple days of sun, though a couple were chilly.

Lem and I took the Old Man out for a ride on the American Tobacco Trail for Thanksgiving day. What a beautiful day it was 

A Thanksgiving party at the Dwyer's!

I miss Virginia!!

Mr. Coco

Friday I rode my bike to work. I mean, really its no big deal, but isn't it.? I miss some of my previous lives, where it was so easy to zip from place to place on a bike. You take it for granted. Its much more difficult when the trip is longer, the time is earlier, and you have to "look presentable"...But really?? Those are all just excuses, that I am guilty of...

Go to bed early, and you can get up early. Prep the night before, leave your clothes at work, get out of that morning routine just a little bit!!

Anymore its.... get up, do the morning routine, and jump in and be there at 8, or earlier.  For whatever reason, engineering facilities and plants are never in easily accessible areas, and as has been the case for me, located just off a pretty busy road. 

With my current gig, there's a pretty safe route, that just became open with the completion of a new bridge over a new bypass. I met a friend at work who prior to that road's closing had been riding a in a few days a week. Its about an hour trip each way from Apex to Fuquay-Varina. 

So finally, with the road open, we were excited to give it a shot! We rolled out at 6, on a chilly 32 degree morning. To get in my little time and coffee in the morning, I was up at 5. Ohhhhh I loath getting up early...but once I'm up I'm always super happy that I did....mostly because of the coffee...but it also just feels great. 

To spare you the details of the trip...really it was super nice. Rollin' out with lights, watching the sun come up, grabbing a hot shower, and sitting down to my desk with a cup of coffee....I have not felt that good sitting down to work in a long time.

And the ride home...such a great wind down from the day. And after it was all said in done, I had 30 miles in that day, and felt really great about it. I plan to do it much more!

So Saturday we made it out for a little early morning road ride, headed down to Kinston to take in the Mother Earth Brewery, and caught some good bar-b-que. SWELL!

Today I had a very swell ride at Chapel Hill with Dirty-D who showed me some of his secret stash of connecting trails around the Chapel Hill area. He then lead me to the American Tobacco Trail and I proceeded to make the trip down to home in Apex on the bike. 

Topped the weekend off at the house of a work friend rollin' out his home brews and making some more.

Lemma's birthday is tomorrow. Happy Birthday Lemma-Bean!!