14 November 2012

Was quite nice this past weekend
But now...its cold again. 
Full on darkness at 5:30...!!
That time of year.
Next week means time off. 
Cross time with the local crew on Saturday!

06 November 2012

From Kennedy Peak this past Saturday. Looking East over Luray and towards Shenandoah National Park.

01 November 2012

October!!! Always my favorite.

Lemma enjoying the festival weekend

Super clear day at the Shenandoah Mountain Bike Festival. This view of the Wild Oak Trail is always my favorite.

Laura rollin' at New Light

Robbie likes difficult terrain *this trail is in the triangle?

TC and Ryan on the AT

Some of the days were just......man

With all my running around I did get to catch up with home and family quite a bit!

Brandon hooked it up for a big fun day touring the gravel roads and fireroads in the mountains of Bedford County on the eve of the East Coast's visit from the big storm. 

Yup, same bike he uses in the Angels Race

Really diggin' the leaf cover

A festival and a big tour ride
New Light is quite good
A hiking trek with old friends
Lemma got a single speed!
A wacky mountain adventure, my cross bike is really fun
Amazing temperatures and colors

November is now upon us!