27 August 2012

Turkeypen Ridge

An adventure Saturday in Pisgah. A solid loop of ups and downs, techy trails, concluded with a shouldered-bike-hike up the long pitches of Turkeypen Ridge, getting caught in a hail storm, and dropping all the way off Black Mountain at mach speed in the rain.

A classic backcountry experience. Absolute freedom.

Onward to the SM100!

14 August 2012

The Rocky Point Loop

This past Saturday Burchy, Lucas, Scotty D, and myself embarked on an adventure road loop outside of Lynchburg, VA off the Blue Ridge Parkway that visited on the Thunder Ridge climb, Petits Gap, Natural Bridge Station, Alpine, Rocky Point, Arcadia, North Creek Campground, and back up to the Sunset Field Overlook off the Parkway on Apple Orchard Mountain.

The route was something like 55 miles, and was possibly 50% gravel, and contained quite a bit of climbing. It was a beautiful day, with cooler mountain temperatures, and plenty of sunshine.

It was great to ride through some small spots that I had only seen on maps. I was quite surprised with how amazing the route between Natural Bridge Station and Arcadia was.

Its a great route, I want to ride it again, and I want to show it off to others!

We decided that we would dub the loop the "Rocky Point Loop." There is a pivotal turn after you pass through the area of Alpine with a waterfall on the left. This is Rocky Point, and the gravel gets a little rougher and quite a bit steeper after this turn!

Check out the route and give it a ride. Its a great one.