15 July 2012

Beach time!

Some much needed play time at Holden Beach!

The weather was beautiful and it was so nice to spend some time with family and simply relax and take in the Ocean and the sounds of the beach.

Luke and I rented surfboards and had a some great sessions learning how to ride the waves!

The bounty of seafood was glorious and I feel very recharged.

Lucas preparing some delicious clams!

Its always fun to try something new. Sure, I know how to ride a bike preeeetty well...but a surf board is a different animal. We had some fair success I must say...now that we know the drill, we will have to continue to try it out. 

This little guy joined us during last night's clam grill. I think he was interested it what was going on. 

The USS North Carolina

As you can see. I like Instagram a lot...

Back to the norm tomorrow, and of course bicycles will be involved. Got a local race to hit with some friends next weekend, so that should be a goooood time.

12 July 2012

My rest time...

Hello ocean.