18 June 2012

The solstice is coming, and I had a great spring

I've been a little behind on my posting lately. I had a really busy April full of an amazing vacation full or riding and visiting friends and then a big move to Apex, North Carolina to move in with Lemma. All that riding, moving, and then starting a new job has kept me preeeeetty busy. 

I've had many great experiences this spring, and its leading into a really fun summer or hanging with the lady, riding with friends, and getting out for some fun events. 

Brandon, Gavin, and I found a really cool tree deep in the backcountry

Rolling the Blue Ridge Parkway

Scott and I hit up a nice loop out on Whetstone Ridge 

I rolled one last big ride in North Georgia with the Ellijay Crew. I really enjoyed riding with everyone during my time in North Georgia. I explored so many new places during my year in the South!

Mountaintown Creek Trail offers up a wet ride, but a lot of beautiful scenery

A nice canopy photo

Lemma has become quite the mountain biker, and we've been having a lot of fun since I moved riding together and with our local friends. 

There are some fun trails in the greater Triangle Area

This past weekend I made it up to Hazleton, WV to the Big Bear 2X12, duo relay mountain bike race. Got to race with my ole buddy Chet Mun "Larry" Liew. I had such a fun time at the event, and it was so great to see so many of my old friends...The course conditions were great and the lap times were quite fast. I really enjoyed the race format and the post-race party was a great time. A big thanks to Andy Brozik and Pathfinder of WV for offering up such great support to our camp! Personally I had some quick laps, despite a few stops during lap one to inflate a burped tired, and then during lap two to inflate a punctured tire (It sealed up!). Lap three saw no issues, and was a great fast lap to end my race. It took me a moment or two to remember my lines out there on the course, but come lap three I was rollin' fast and smooth again. In the end Liew and I put in a solid 6th place in the Expert/Open class. Nice riding Larry!

I really enjoyed the format of the 2X12, as it was nice to do a relay event, ride really hard, and still have a lot of time and enough energy to hang out and visit with people afterwards. Thanks Mark Schooley for such a great time. 

Thanks to HayesRudy ProjectDuro Tire, and Sockguy for the great support. 

Ok, I'm going to sleep now.!