26 June 2012

An escape from the heat

Its been HOT. Well, not today exactly, today is really nice....and this weekend was SUPER nice.

Lemma and I bolted up to Grayson Highlands State Park to camp for the weekend in the Virginia High Country. I doubt we saw temps above 80 and the humidity was super low. It was a great weekend to explore some backcountry mountain biking and do a little hiking in the Mount Rogers NRA of the Jefferson National Forest.

Lemma riding up Lum Trail

A stop at the Straight Branch shelter on the Iron Mountain Trail

Rolling the ridge of the IMT

Beartree Gap Trail

Looking Southwest from Little Pinnacle to see North Carolina and Tennessee

It was a nice clear evening to watch the sun set over Mount Rogers

Hiking the AT towards Rhododendren Gap

We managed to be hiking just along the edge of the rain all day. We got to hear a little thunder and see the nearby areas get dumped on!

18 June 2012

The solstice is coming, and I had a great spring

I've been a little behind on my posting lately. I had a really busy April full of an amazing vacation full or riding and visiting friends and then a big move to Apex, North Carolina to move in with Lemma. All that riding, moving, and then starting a new job has kept me preeeeetty busy. 

I've had many great experiences this spring, and its leading into a really fun summer or hanging with the lady, riding with friends, and getting out for some fun events. 

Brandon, Gavin, and I found a really cool tree deep in the backcountry

Rolling the Blue Ridge Parkway

Scott and I hit up a nice loop out on Whetstone Ridge 

I rolled one last big ride in North Georgia with the Ellijay Crew. I really enjoyed riding with everyone during my time in North Georgia. I explored so many new places during my year in the South!

Mountaintown Creek Trail offers up a wet ride, but a lot of beautiful scenery

A nice canopy photo

Lemma has become quite the mountain biker, and we've been having a lot of fun since I moved riding together and with our local friends. 

There are some fun trails in the greater Triangle Area

This past weekend I made it up to Hazleton, WV to the Big Bear 2X12, duo relay mountain bike race. Got to race with my ole buddy Chet Mun "Larry" Liew. I had such a fun time at the event, and it was so great to see so many of my old friends...The course conditions were great and the lap times were quite fast. I really enjoyed the race format and the post-race party was a great time. A big thanks to Andy Brozik and Pathfinder of WV for offering up such great support to our camp! Personally I had some quick laps, despite a few stops during lap one to inflate a burped tired, and then during lap two to inflate a punctured tire (It sealed up!). Lap three saw no issues, and was a great fast lap to end my race. It took me a moment or two to remember my lines out there on the course, but come lap three I was rollin' fast and smooth again. In the end Liew and I put in a solid 6th place in the Expert/Open class. Nice riding Larry!

I really enjoyed the format of the 2X12, as it was nice to do a relay event, ride really hard, and still have a lot of time and enough energy to hang out and visit with people afterwards. Thanks Mark Schooley for such a great time. 

Thanks to HayesRudy ProjectDuro Tire, and Sockguy for the great support. 

Ok, I'm going to sleep now.!