27 May 2012

I have moved to Apex, the Peak City

These shots should summarize my week!

09 May 2012

I guess I'm not as hardcore as I thought!

Ran into these fellas on today's ride who have made it to North Georgia all the way from Argentina! They've been on the road for 7 months and are en route to Alaska and then down the West Coast and back towards home on a 3 year adventure...

What an incredible journey that must be! 


 And then I found some gravel!!! A secret narrow public road cutting through some farms in Plainville!

It basically turned into jeep road. I saw a few other bike tracks. Someone else has the right idea!

Back to more gravel just before hitting back out on the pavement. 

Can you believe that it rained and was miserable all day until 4 PM...look at this!

08 May 2012

SDS was amazing

This is one of my favorite views!!


Rolling the SMT!

Ohhh man! Brushy Mountain Moonscape!


Am I late enough on this post???

I missed out on SDS in 2011 and this year I wasn't having that...the 2 days of mostly single track with super great people were simply incredible, and it is such an experience. On the bikes at 5:30 AM Saturday..not even light yet!

I love spending days knowing that my one task for that day is to ride by bike from pretty much sun up to sun down. It was great to see some of my good friends from all over the East Coast, I got to catch up with everyone and even met some new folks. 

The mountains of Virginia and the George Washington National Forest were breathtaking. Even with the constant misting and rain of day two, I was so stoked to be out there and be part of the ride. Douthat State Park in Clifton Forge is such a special place!

Thanks to Chris, Ian, Kari, and Katy for hooking us up over the weekend!