12 September 2011

Went out for a run-ish today, legs feel destroyed. Last week was stupid cool...

Here's a video stolen from Balaji!

11 September 2011

Quite the trip!

Thanks to Bala, Andy, Amy, and Emily for hosting us for the week. Bala and Andy showed us some of the great bounty of riding in the greater Boulder area. It was fun to see some new sights and ride in some amazing places with great friends.

Many miles ridden (Larry's GPS plots)
Many feet climbed
Many mountains seen
A few beers consumed
LOTS of coffee
1 Fox
1 Bear
1 Snake
Lots of Honey Stinger Waffles and Chews, and the like
Prarie dogs everywhere
Sand, rocks, dirt, roots, logs, cacti, gravel, pavement
Two blown rear hubs (not mine! - Sorry Liew and Andy!)
Two crashes (took me a bit to reprogram myself for cornering on the loose sandy soil)
A serious biker's tan
A LOT of food eaten
One tired and very content Jake


07 September 2011

Visiting Bala and Andy in Boulder

Met up with Larry-Liew and Bala in the Denver Airport Saturday and made our way back to Bala and Andy's pad in Boulder...

Watching night fall from the ridge just up from town. 

Sunday was a solid day of riding on the trails of Buffalo Creek, an IMBA Epic trail system in Pine, CO. Buffalo Creek has about everything you could ask for, buff and flowy singletrack, fireroad climbs, super techy rock sections, some sweet slick rock riding, and some amazing views. 

Yes sir....

Andy rolls one of the many steep drop-ins on the gnarly Black Jack trail. 

Daker brought his Remedy and showed us how to rock out on big drops...(we took the "blue" line just off the right of this picture. Blue is in quotes because it was still plenty sketchy itself!

Past wildfires have left a good portion of this area quite open...

 Monday was another big day, with Amy being awesome and dropping us off in Nederland. We spent a few hours riding the sweet singletrack up the mountain from Nederland, and then rode backcountry trail and fireroad back to the sweet gravel of Magnolia road which then turned into pavement, and dropped SLAM down the mountain back to Boulder. Check out Liew's GPS track of the ride.

Magnolia road is a sweet fine gravel road between Nederland and Boulder. The Nederland trails are just off Magnolia.

Liew enjoying the ride with our new friend Marcel, visiting the area all the way from Spain. He'll be riding trails for the next week or two before going to Interbike....must be tough.

Bala stretching before taking on the next flowy singletrack section. We had a blast riding quite hard over a lot of fun trail. 

As you can see the weather was terrible, and the views weren't much better....

After finishing up with riding the trail system, we cross the main road and jumped on some backcountry trail that paralleled Magnolia for quite a ways. 

The way back was awesome. Steep climbs, gnarly descents, fast contour trail, and great views. 

After a last food stop, we dropped back onto Magnolia to make our way back to Boulder.

Liew is ready to drop off the mountain!

The descent was insane at 40+ mph on the mountain bike, and switchbacks most of the way down. By the time Liew reached the bottom, the oil leaking from the bottom of his lefty was smoking off of his front brake rotor!

Cruising the Boulder Creek path back to town.

The last climb back up to the house from town

Liew attacked in the last couple hundred yards to get his stage victory on the day...Here he is celebrating!

With Bala and Andy working on Tuesday. Liew and I took the day to get in a super cool hike around the Flat Irons and up to the Royal Arch.

So many cool rock formations.

It was quite the scramble to make it up to the arch. After two days of big rides my legs were screaming. The arch and the view were totally worth it. 

Today is raining, and cold. Quite a bit of coffee and some rest is helping my tired legs. Hopefully the rain will subside and Liew and I can sneak in a short spin. In the mean time we'll be planning out two more days of solid riding before we head back East on Saturday.