22 May 2011

Goings on....

Sakatas everywhere...they make such a cool, and extremely loud noise.

Fishing at Holden Beach with the Brown Men. 

Lucas caught a skate...

My wimpy shark

We spent a weekend at Uncle Blue's beach house to celebrate Orran Lee soon becoming a father!

Some riding in the Pine Mountain Recreation Area near Allatoona Lake

A solid view from the lookout

I'm continuing my Georgia National Forest exploration and today's ride was a big one, with lots of sun, and some high temperatures, but the trails and scenery were very impressive. A solid loop of sections of the Pinhoti  Trail and the cool FS roads. 

View from the Cohutta Overlook

Its hot....

Yes this post lacks in substance...but everyone likes pictures!

08 May 2011

My past month...

Well, I'm officially one month in living now in Georgia, Canton to be exact and working in Adairsville. I've been liking Canton so far in that there's some "goings on" here but nothing to huge. The best part about Canton is its proximity to local park trails and most importantly the Chattahoochee National Forest. I've actually been finding quite a bit of time to get outside during the week with trails dotting the area for some weekday evening rides, and some trail running. The road riding around Adairsville is beautiful, and with Adairsville being quite rural, there a few cars, and nice scenery. I've been getting out a few days a week on my lunch break for a road ride with some folks from work, which I am very much stoked for. 

A couple of my new friends from work actually live outside of and even in downtown Atlanta. I've even managed to somewhat brave the madness myself and venture in a few times. Yes, yes I know I know, I'm really not much on big cities. It's actually pretty nice, despite the stresses involved in driving there, especially in the Rodeo. On this one occasion they were even nice enough to leave me a little note on my windshield thanking me for visiting their wonderful town. Keep in mind I got back to my car at something like 9:47....son of a bitch...But the restaurants are great, and I'd like to make it down for a Braves game sometime...I'll be sure to keep feeding the meter. 

Heading North, lies a bounty of outdoor activities to spend my weekends exploring. Mountains, hiking trails, mountain bike trails, and many streams and rivers to, perhaps paddle (whenever I grow a pair), and hopefully soon some fishing. I hear the climbing is also quite good in places. Well, I certainly should never be at a loss for things to do. 

Lemma came down to visit last weekend and we visited Amicalola Falls State Park, which was really beautiful and home to the AT Approach Trail, on which we had a very nice hike. I was hoping perhaps we could get to the top of Springer to visit the actual starting point of the AT, but it is quite a feat to even get there to start with. 8.5 miles one way to Springer from the Lodge....we weren't quite prepared for that. Next time. 


The green blaze for the Hike Inn Trail was cool looking...

This was a fire road to the top of Frosty Mountain on the AT approach trail. There was once a lookout tower here, but no more. I would obviously wondering where this road started, and how I could get there with my bike...

The top of the falls looking down. 

Hey Lemma! Sorry this picture came out somewhat blurry!

"Speak friend, and enter..."

Ready to set out on your AT journey to Maine?? Ok, after several hundred stairs up and past the waterfall, and then 7 more miles of hiking, you can really start. Good luck!

This weekend, I was a little bummed as my move and new job business left me unprepared fitness-wise to join on SMT's SDS adventure this year. A huge buzzkill, but I sure won't miss out next year. However, I did manage to spend the weekend riding and exploring, and outside. Yesterday was the Blanket's Creek Pedal Palooza, a festival of sorts at a local trail system. The trails at the local parks are very well built and well maintained and a very large amount of trails are being added over the next year or so which would add more and connect systems to create essentially 40ish miles of singletrack just outside of Canton and Woodstock. For being right near town, that will be pretty legit. It was pretty nice, I met some folks, got in a really nice ride, and I joined SORBA.

Today I ventured up to the Bull-Jake Mountain area. I'm also totally stoked that there is a Jake Mountain, and that it includes mountain bike trails....perfect! This system contains a lot of really great singletrack and fire road to explore in the backcountry. It's quite an interesting mixture of terrain. Most of the trails I rode today are part of the Fool's Gold course, so I'll have to give that one a try this year since it will be so close. Much much more to explore!

Think this one still runs??

Ahhh Rodo-tunnel...

I spent most of the day riding with Dave from Florida on his mountain bike vacation. We even ran into to several others out. It was cool to see other folks out enjoying the National Forest, and I hope Dave has a great time on the rest of his vacation. 

So far, I'm quite happy in my new-"ness." I'm really liking my new job, and I'm very pleased with the available outdoor activities the area has to offer. We'll see how I manage when it starts to really get hot. I'm probably definitely going to need to do more paddling. 

Obviously the general theme of my life presently is accepting change. Leaving my safezone of the wonderful people and mountains of Virginia/West Virginia to a new place, knowing ZERO people within several hundred miles, a sentence on my blog openly admitting to visiting a big city and not hating it, and here's one more....me actually enjoying a present-day Kenny Chesney song. Again, I know, I know....

So really some change is good every once in a while.......but for the record, I still don't like Kenny Chesney.