20 March 2011

Longdale Furnace

Out for a day in the mountains on a new trail for me. Riding a section of the ridge on North Mountain just up from Longdale Furnace. 

A nice gradual gravel road climb to the top of the ridge

Scott skipped out on the O-Hill Meltdown to come ride with us!

Enter the ridge on North Mountain Trail (There are quite a few mountains named "North Mountain")

Some solid views from rocky outcrops along the ridge

Looking East at Big House and Little House Mountains

Happy Birthday Brandon!

Past the giant boulders and through the gap in the rocks..."the cave"

Now looking West. Douthat is out there in the distance. See you next weekend!

A few stream crossings on the roll out after a nice descent

A lot to think about lately, and a lot of rough times going on the hardships in Japan. Cousins Carly and  Garrett made it safely through last week's dramatic disasters in Japan, but unfortunately, many many others did not. It is a very sad time for a lot of folks there, and it really puts a lot into perspective for the rest of us. 

A day in the mountains is a very good way to ease your mind. 

2 weeks out on starting my new job. Excitement is now outweighing much of the apprehension I previously had. Time here in VA is precious. A weekend at Douthat with some friends from SVBC will be a great send off.

17 March 2011

Riding the Glenwood Horse Trail

Sunny and upper 60's in the mountains? Thank you!

Rolling singletrack of the GHT for the first part of the ride. Some steeps too with marble-y rocks!

Some good gravel roads to climb, eventually turning to jeep road.

Sharp top from the backside

Ahhh, the Blue Ridge Parkway!

Sharp top again

Lucas has been riding, running, swimming, climbing, lifting, and well prepping a lot this winter for the Angel's Race. He's fit and will be ready to go at it in May.

Me taking in the amazing view

Spec Mines Trail is a really fun, contour descent, with a lot of flow. If you have not ridden it, I strongly suggest seeking it out!

See, look at this!

After Spec Mines, then some gravel ....

Then, a great long, gradual climb back up to the parkway

It is about a 20 mile loop with just over 4000 ft of climbing!

At 65 miles in its entirety, the Glenwood Horse Trail offers some great adventure on bicycles in the George Washington National Forest!

Lucas was in before his big trip out to Austin, TX and it we took advantage of another amazing day riding the GHT just up from Montvale, VA. Lots of climbing, and some amazing views, and a really fun descent on Spec Mines, made for a great day!

I've been trying to get in some good GW rides, lot of changes coming up with a big move! I've been offered a great job with Yanmar America Co. in Northwest, Georgia!! I was originally really hoping to find a job here, closer to home and the mountains of VA, but this particular job is a substantial opportunity and it seems that I am off to work, and familiarize myself with the towns, mountains, and forests of Northern, GA. A little apprehensive about such a big move, and leaving so much here, and I am really going to miss seeing Lemma and my family so often. But then again, its not THAT far away.

Time is short, and I start in early April! Lots to get together before then!

It will certainly be an adventure, and I am always up for that.