29 December 2011

Got out for a cool ride on the glenwood horse trail up from sedalia on thunder ridge and apple orchard mountain with some good friends.

Its been great to be home for a bit.

25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

I've been eating too much....

23 December 2011

We got in some riding and some camping but the rains kept comin!

Our tent site in pisgah became a giant puddle.

We are home and feeling defeated .

Time to dry out

17 December 2011


Riding the Tsali trails with Lemma!

Fontana Lake lookin' pretty low...

Miles and miles of flowy singletrack...

Camping outside of Asheville

Full moon night!

Headlamps were not very necessary...

by the French Broad river...

COLD in the morning!


Walking some of the Mountains to Sea Trail...

Came back Thursday after a couple days at a tradeshow in Vegas. It was....OK. The mountains did look quite nice with a light dusting of snow from the storms that had passed through. 

The Holidays are allllmooooossstttt...here. I'm only working two days this week then Lucas comes for a short adventure on our way back to VA for a week off! I'm looking forward to seeing family and friends, and hopefully the weather will be nice and rides will be had!

I should be picking up a new toy from Bikes Unlimited in Lynchburg, VA as well!!! Yessss

05 December 2011


Lemma turned 26 this past weekend! Happy Birthday Lemma!!! 

Apple Orchard Falls with Luke and Jess

Blue Sky

The spectacular view from Thunder Ridge. The James River Face Wilderness Area and Devil's Marble yard are in clear view!

Snake Gap TT Series Pre-Ride?.....YES

Up up up!

34 miles of the Pinhoti Trail near Dalton. Some gnarly rocks during the end, that felt like home. 

Some time riding with some fellas from Athens...apparently they know people I know...word


The view from Rocky Face Mountain

Sunday a solid ride on Stanley Gap trail in the afternoon with some of the Ellijay contingent...

Mike workin up the steep pitch ...

Dan dominates on the belt driven machine

Wheelie from JD!

60's and some sun in early December....niiice