15 December 2010

Snow coming...

Or at least that is what they say. I'm just glad I was finally able to really eat dinner tonight after basically not having an appetite for the last 4 days after being down for the count on Sunday. Its cold, cold out, but I've still been managing to get in some rides.

All rested and fed now, and doing some serious rocking out. Try these on for size...they should fit you well.

It is winter out there, and it is awesome (and apparently I can not make contractions). I'm getting excited to do some skiing, maybe get better on the tele's this year. Dusted off the snowboard the other day and gotta get it tuned! If we do get the 6" they are calling for, maybe I'll go over to the farm and ski down the old sled hill for some practice.

I wish you all a great last bit before the holidays....and then of course, a great holiday as well!

The ole punk rock/emo/pop (whatever you care to call FOB) X-mas...