28 October 2010

I tromped through the pumpkin patch...

Last weekend's gathering was a success with a solid cousin contingent in place. Though, it would have been perfection to have had Los,Gar, and Jason there! Everyone had a strong showing. There was plenty of amoeba time, B-stew eating, bonfire chatter, and, of course, much fun-making of Jake (obviously). Lindsay even had a mold made of her thumb at a recent NC State Fair, which was the greatest thing I have ever seen. Kind of reminiscent of the old "Stew" days, on a much smaller, and much more chill scale. Amanda hosted a great brunch at her house in the morning. Thanks doodle!

Little T seemed to have a good time too. 

Ugh, I created a LinkedIn account today....I feel dirty.  

It is almost Halloween. Sweeet!, my favorite holiday of sorts. Looking for some fun this weekend in the six-pack downhill tomorrow, some riding on Saturday, and then heading down to race the Tidewater Challenge Sunday. I'm totally digging my new singlespeed super-fast-race -machine, so I'm looking to give that a go in the SS class. It will be the VA State Single Speed Champs, so there will be some stiff competition! Hoping for one great last taste of mountain bike racing for the season to motivate me well for next year!

My new Trek Superfly is ready....even if I'm not! Running the purple and orange wheels, "just in time for Halloween," as one bike racer "fiend" once said...

And since it is almost Halloween...

Headed Lynchburg way as of next week. My time in Harrisonburg working with Chris at SMT was a great experience. Thanks to Chris Scott for such an awesome opportunity! Thanks to all of those in the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition who have made my time here so wonderful. I will see you all on the trails for sure!

19 October 2010

Fall and Friends!

The past two weeks all started with a mega road trip down to Baton Rogue, LA for AHawkins' wedding. Rolled the 15 hour drive with Scott, Matt, and Lara. It was good to get some key players from our old group together to go and see Andrew. It was great seeing the fellow. He seems to be doing well down in the flat lands of Cajun country.

Alll night drive...

Spent some good time with Drew at the rehearsal dinner, and breakfast the following day.

The view from our hotel room. 

The trip was pretty rough on me and I spent the better part of the week under the weather. However, I made a recovery, and got in a good warm up, exploratory ride at Sherando with Scottbot on Saturday. I was still feeling sluggish and tired, Scott was putting the hurt on my on the climbs. The weather was amazing and I was glad to be riding, and not in the house sick.The ride really helped, and it suuure came at the right time.

My HiFi is so happy on the trails in the backcountry. 

The view of the Priest from Bald Mountain. 

I like finding benchmarks

...Because later that night, a big crew of my great friends from West Virginia came down to visit for a long weekend to do some riding. Jeremy, Josh, Robbie, and Chad all rolled in Saturday night and the "funtime" ensued. Sunday we cruised on up to Smokehole, WV to get on the big IMBA "Save The North Fork" awareness ride on the North Fork trail. I had yet to have the pleasure of riding the North Fork and it was an amazing day. The ride only touched on a bit of the ridge, riding only the northern section, but it was plenty amazing.

Big turn out on the IMBA North Fork ride.

My riding comfort, and legs came back to me on the North Fork and I was feeling gooooood!

So spectacular

Robbie and Jeremy peer into the grand view below!

There is a large push to designate this area as Wilderness, which would prevent bicycle access to the North Fork Mountain Trail. The ridge riding is so much fun, and the views are simply spectacular. It would be a real shame to lose this area to bicycle access. More information on the North Fork Trail and the Wilderness possibility can be found at SAVETHENORTHFORK. Chris Scott also has some good info on his blog as well. Give the North Fork Trail a ride, I can't wait to get back. Here is some info from IMBA on what you can do to help protect this wonderful area of WV.

A great time chilling with some good friends on a high rock outcropping. You can't beat a big fun ride with some really good friends. 

Chad enjoyed the final sections of the trail

Robbie was excited about his North Fork ride

We rode the loop from the Redman Run Trailhead North to the end and back on the road.

Wheelie contests of course...

Some chill time by the beautiful South Branch of the Potomac after the ride.

Monday I took Josh and Jeremy up on the big Elliott's Knob to Chimney Hollow ride!

The guys rocked out on the ride and the BIG mountain!

This monster dead tree fell sometime during the summer.

Checking out Deerfield Valley below us where we started!

Josh was stoked to be high up on the mountain. 

The view from Ellliott's Knob was amazing. We had a looot of fun on the big ride with the great climbing and descents. Thanks for coming down guys! Great riding with ya. 

Lemma passed her Dietitian's Exam! Woooo congrats Lem!

04 October 2010

On the water

Got out with some folks on the James river yesterday paddling from Glasgow down to Snowden. I only get to paddle a couple times a year, but I'm slowly getting a little better, one thing at a time. I can pretty much get my roll when I need to now, but my form is still lacking. My surfing skills are weak, but Brandon has been teaching me and getting me better used to properly catching eddys, and putting the boat where I want it, not where the water wants it. I'm getting a little better at that too. It is always great to get out on the river and dabble into the other outdoor activities that I really enjoy. Kind of a semi-cloudy day, but the sun came out to play for more than I thought it would.

Saw an Osprey flying around, always good to see some cool wildlife. I kinda worked my right shoulder during one of my rolls. It is a little sore, and should be better in a few days!

Made it through the confluence rapid...whew...time to go

Scott and our old-school friend Smo were rolling in a canoe for the day. Scott is an avid whitewater canoe junkie....

Rock N Roll.....

Mike Klein and Brandon Reynolds showing us how to surf properly...

Luke cruising through

Taking a break to hang out for a bit. Scott most likely telling some crazy story... 

Lucas rocks his seal launch...


In other news of perfection, Jimmy Eat World just put out a new album last week, called "Invented." That makes for a significant amount of rocking out to be had!

This is the main single from the album!