26 September 2010


A big time mountain bike ride the other week stretching from Harrisonburg to just below Strasburg following the Massanutten Mountain Range. Rocky and difficult are understatements. 

Kyle on the rocky drops from off of Bird Knob.

There were a few hike-a-bikes on the ride...

You really had to work for the views, but it was all worth it. A tough long day riding with some great folks.I was completely DONEZO at the end of the day...mission accomplished. 

Some local cx racing. Fall is awesome. Local cross races on Tuesday...sweeet. Headin' to C-ville for this Tuesday's edition. Scott's coming, so that will be fun.

A weekend in Canaan Valley with the McLeans. The whole Leaf Peeper festival was happenin' and we got to run the 5K Saturday morning, and then got in a nice hike in the afternoon. Saturday was beautiful at just about 70 degrees and sunny all day.

Some mountain bike riding with Lemma in Blackwater State Park. 

Lemma likes the view!

Table Rock is one of my favorite spots in Canaan..

Blog boundary as well...see yaaa


14 September 2010

A monster ride coming up tomorrow...time to mentally prepare.

I have always liked "dark" movies, and videos. Not "scary" but dark, and this has always been my favorite music video...

And one more...