24 August 2010

More pictures

My past two weeks in photos....

Visiting Lemma and doing some riding in Cary!

Lemma is getting speedy riding the tight, twisty, and fast trails down around Raleigh.

Campbell stops by to help me respond to SM100 emails. I don't historically like cats, but Campbell is a pretty cool little guy.

Tired me from trail woooorkin it!

Miles to go before we sleep...

Fruits of our labor....droool - Tunnel of Looove!

This is why we do it....

Big Forest adventure ride Sunday. 

The BIG one is less than two weeks out! 

Scott came into town for a bike ride and some grub yesterday evening. It was great to see him and hang out for a bit. 

For your rocking out pleasure:

05 August 2010

Its August or something....

Haven't really known what day, what week, month, or time of day for that matter in a while. July really flowed into one big blob of tours, events, riding, working, races, packing, unpacking, driving, sweating, drinking, eating, and very, very, little sleep....ohhh my body is angry at me!

Ohh man big news in my vehicular department. The Rodeo, my trusted sidekick since spring of 2002, has rolled over 200,000 miles! She needs a little love, but I'll get to that soon.


Along with working it, I got to race the Wilderness 101 this weekend. It was sweeet, and the conditions were awesome. Came in with a time of 9:24 which is by far my best 100 miler time, so I was stoked about that. It was a full week/weekend and I am paying for it this week. Almost got myself lost Thursday night marking a section after I got "darked on" in a place I don't know too well, and then realized how different the course looked at night...slight moment of panic averted, found my turn, found Chris and finished the marking. Little spooky at first, but makes for a good story and good experience now. 

I get hungry a lot...

The Rodeo's Kenda pose...

At one point last week, our basement looked like this:

Awesome...yessssss (all 4 of my bikes are present in this photo) - find them all!

I was able to slide home to spend some time with the fam this past Monday and Tuesday. Lots of family birthday's going on. I had missed my Mom's so it was great to see her!, but I got to get in on the festivities for Grandaddy's birthday which was wonderful. It was great to get together and spend some time with him. Happy Birthday to Uncle Orran and Read as well. Whooops Thumbs' birthday is tomorrow, dang ya'll!

As always it was good to spend some time hanging out with Luke Dawg. He is sick, and perfect, and infinitely cooler than me...

Been missing being around for a lot of things at home lately, so it was good to get back. Hopefully in the fall the cousin clan can get together and dominate. Hope Carly can make it in from the Eastern World out there in China and we can all get together. 

Its hot, and I've been getting in quite a bit of riding. Way tired from the 101 still, and looking to head up to Morgantown to race the Big Bear Ultra. Well, might be too tired to really race it, but it will be great to see my Morgantown buds, and get in some solid hang out time after the race. 

Am I lost in the woods again?

Heading to Raleigh the weekend of the 14th to see Leeemmur-Bobber, so that will be fun, and then it is full on with work for the SM100! Woaaah, that one will be huge and busy busy. 

This little dude say he wants to ride...might not be the best place to hang on though....

Till I write again...

- Jocko