29 June 2010

More travels, critters, and some goofing around...

Some trail clearing work

Frog friend...

Some bike racing at the Hoo Ha!

Beautiful mountain scene in southwest VA.

Crazy orange mushrooms on the trail in Damascus

This salamander was wondering why I moved the rotten stick that he was under...sorry little guy. 

Brightly colored box turtle

Some great trails in the high country, open to lots of users!

This Grouse was protecting her young hidden in the green behind, and allowing me to get a close shot of her.

The Iron Mountain Trail is the old AT and there are still some shelters kept up along the trail. Makes for some nice lunch spots, or great hiking, or multi-day riding loops. 

Canaan Valley, WV was beautiful this past weekend for the Canaan Mountain Bike Festival. A cool shot of White Grass during the summer months.

Jumped on the Canaan Adventure Ride for the day, 30 miles of Canaan's amazing trails and beautiful scenery, lead by some great Canaan Locals. My buddy Ian Beckner was on the ride as well and it was great to see him. Thanks Todd and Sue for the ride!

Headed down the Camp Hilbert on Sunday to ride the singlespeed class at the third Camp Hilbert mountain bike race. Tried chasing Gordon Wadsworth around for a while. Brought home a cool 2nd, and a sweet, fancy new floor pump! After a hot day of racing, the only thing to do is... 

Go paddling with Brandon Reynolds. Here he is showing off some of his tricks!

And me, trying to pull some of my own...

So great to be in the water on such a hot day. Makes me not mind that I get rolled a good bit. But I got some good practice, looking forward to getting out again soon. So many amazing views on the river. 

Picked up Luke from his hiking trip and got in a fun night camping with Luke and Scott!

Enjoyed a couple days off, and now ready to get back at it. Got a cool trailer modification project to jump on, and then some tours and on to the Iron Mountain 100K. Going to be a busy busy next 1.5 weeks. I'll catch ya later on!

Enjoy the cooler weather coming.

- Jake

14 June 2010

Recent travels

I'll let some of these nice pictures give you the detail of my last two weeks:

Eastern Tennessee, Southwest VA, and Central PA.

This one is just outside of Harrisonburg, Lookout Mountain off the White Oak Trail. I took this one at the VA IMBA Festival. 

Woohoo - Road ride through the Smokies.

Followed the road through the gorge following the river. Beautiful. (Little River?? Gotta check the name again)

Drool....that is crazy Gatlinburg in the bottom left corner way down at 1200ish feet, with the high mountains of 6000 feet up above!

Awesome singletrack on the Iron Mountain Trail outside of Damascus, VA

Blooms dominating all along the trail.

Lucas will pass this sign at the intersection of Beech Gap trail and the AT sometime this Friday! Good luck Luke Dawg!

The Virginia Creeper trail is beautiful and a great place to ride!

I almost hit this poor fellow on the Creeper trail. Don't worry, I saw him just in time!

Stone Creek Rd. Rothrock State Forest, PA

Gravel roads of Rothrock.

I've even got some video that Chris shot of me on the bike in Rothrock just this past week as we were prepping for the Stoopid 50. The trails there are super fun to ride, and all of it is just outside of State College, PA. - Yes, I know I blew it on the big rock line...I'll get it next time.

Cycling Videos on CyclingDirt

And...I've been playing lots and lots of NFG lately, so this works well...now...get your "rock out" on.


and....of course.

Hoo Ha is this weekend....saahhweeet. Lots of fun riding to be had. And, I get to race short track, so that should be rad. See ya there!

12 June 2010


Stoopid 50 is tomorrow! Busy busy, but got in a nice ride yesterday evening..

So far on this trip I've seen a porcupine, and a small bear. That brings my total bear sighting count up to 4. Yess.

I'll have more later! See ya Sunday.