28 March 2010

Mountain Bike Racing is back

Spent yesterday re-realizing how perfect the riding is at Douthat....geeez. Long climbs that will work you, downhills of the dreamiest of dreams. Who could not like mountain biking after spending a day there???

Solid group to start the ride.

Look at that moss.Calling your name isn't it???

Burchy was riding hard.

Rolled to St. George today for the first race of the Virginia Off Road Series at the Blue Ridge School grounds. There was a solid showing of folks from Hburg. (and more!) The race was a fundraiser for World Bicycle Relief , so no prizes or big deal, just riding hard and supporting the cause. Rocking my second season now in the expert class, and that third lap can be IS painful. Today was good though, overcast, kinda misty, and not hot, so that makes for some fun, muddy, slick, and tough racing. I think there were some people behind me when I finished, so I'm cool with that.

Dinner and beer, and now I'm toast, I mean really, I'm Tiiiiired. Gonna go find something to entertain me for the 1 or 2 hours left in the day that I may still be awake.

14 March 2010

Weekend Waterfall Tour

A wet weather drainage on the way up Apple Orchard Mountain

Yes, there is still some snow at the top of the forest road. It almost got the better of the Rodeo at one point...but that is a story for later.

Apple Orchard falls in its big-time snow melt glory.

The Fallingwater Cascades were rolling as well. Beautiful right square in the 4PM sunlight (pre-dls change)

Crabtree Falls were roaring. Spray and a huge breeze hitting your face whenever the trail came near the falls.
 A NATURAL-ly-occuring BRIDGE...

These are our turkeys...no hunting

Brandon makes the steep creeks look easy.