24 February 2010

More time in WV

Played in the snow some more last weekend in Canaan Valley. Tried learning some more backcountry skiing, trying to get my tele on. Whew, I was wrecked. Spent a lot of time looking at the sky...from my back.

Ran into Ian a couple times while I was there, it was good to see him. Met plenty of new folks, ate some great food, even got to ski Sunday with Brandon and Trevor.

Had a great time meeting and hanging out with Tomi and Emily. Tomi gave me some great pointers on tele turning that helped throughout the weekend. Met lots of other new faces staying at the Icebox. Awesome.

Headed to Richmond this weekend to see Luke, Scott, and hopefully Orran and go to this...should be a great time.

These guys are SOLD OUT in C-ville this weekend. 

14 February 2010

Hello from Raleigh

Met up with Seth, Evan, Bekah, Stacey, and Jim and toured the Big Boss Brewery here in Raleigh. There are so many great small brewers down here, we've been hitting at least one tour each time I've come down. 

Matt and Linds came over for dinner last night, and we had a great time hanging out with them!

Lemma and I got outside for a while today while the sun was shining. The snow and wet conditions kept all the mountain bike trails closed today, but the American Tobacco trail was open and good for riding.

Supposed to get some more snow in Hburg this week it seems. 

10 February 2010

The deep snow is hard

Ahhh totally sucked it up in the trees and on the dam in the deep deep on my board today. Took some more time to practice on the backcountry skis...need to just deal with the crashing and rock the skis now on the the woods.

I mean....wow

09 February 2010

Enjoying the snow

Yes its snowing, and its been doing so alot, I suppose it is February and all. Been making the best of it and getting outside.

Scott came up from C-ville on Sunday to meet me and head up into the mountains around Briery Branch Reservoir for some snowshoeing. The SVBC Super Bowl Sunday Ride Ski was going on up there as well, but since I'm such a n00b on skis I decided to get a later start on the shoes with Mr. Dwyer. The weather was amazing, clear and sunny, with fresh snow everywhere. The scenery was unbelievably beautiful. We hiked up the road for a while and then suffered climbing up Mines Run trail to the top of Hone Quarry Ridge and then had a fun trip back down the mountain. It was really fun,very tiring, and great to catch up with a good friend.

Then on Monday I caught a ride back out there with Chris Scott and Mike Carpenter to try my hand on some backcountry skis (on loan from Mr. Dwyer). While Chris and Mike carved the crap out of the dam's hillside, I got used to ski legs and practiced a few turns...errr face plants of my own. At a few points I found myself wishing I had brought my board so I could be carving the good stuff in the shade with Chris and Mike. Its funny how something totally new can make you feel really out of place, goofy, and uncoordinated. I was about half-way getting the idea of doing turns down the hill by the time we left though, which left me excited and interested in more. Now I can add backcountry skiing to the list of things I really enjoy, but pretty much suck at. It's a long list that includes rock climbing, whitewater kayaking, skateboarding, and on and on...

I even made some food for the potluck meeting last night. Hooray for directions!

Burchy always has the perfect evening "rock out" tune selections. Tonight's jams were brought to us by Finch. 

06 February 2010

Woah, snowshoeing is raaaad!

Chris jumping off into the pillowy-goodness!


Still coming down....

03 February 2010

This winter is the real deal...

Snow...snow...more snow...again...and now calling for even more this weekend - woah.

Rode up 924 to Briery Branch Gap and then over Hone Quarry Ridge down to Big Hollow trail to Hone Quarry campground with C-Scott today. You guessed it....snow!

The sun was shining early on the climb up.

Chris rollin' it through the trees.

Back to down towards the bottom of the mountain...daylight is fleeting...

You're right again - Hone Quarry Run

A solid ride...made it most of the way up the first climb and as the car tracks disappeared it became significantly more difficult to keep straight and on the bike. Walked a little of the ridge section and the quiet descent on the downhill with power blasting all around my bike...

And since Burchy and I are stoked about this jam...here it is: