26 October 2009

Almost Halloween

I passed my oral defense - woot woot! That was a long, stressfull, event, but I survived and now just working on making my final changes.

Went on a major cross ride yesterday, over 50 miles of pavement, gravel, and jeep trails. Lots of fun, plenty of flats, lots of climbing. I rode the touring bike, which I essentially have set up for cross, but I'm still finding it to not fit me too well. Its a little too big and I cant work my fit out just right. By the end of the ride, my left knee was talking to me. It was an awesome ride though, and I can't wait to do another.

All kinds of craziness in Motown this upcoming weekend. Cross racing, the Motown Throwdown rail jam, and after party. Should be a solid time, and I'm stoked.

I love Halloween, and with all the candy I've been eating the past few days, I am definitely in the mood. This was always one of my favorites.

20 October 2009


Giving my final presentation for my thesis tomorrow...finding it hard to be excited right now.

Some pictures from the weekend to get my mind off what's coming up tomorrow...

O catches a big cat

I caught a small bass

Missed pics of Luke and his 5 fish....guess that is his punishment for catching the most

Barn, of course.

Oh yes, new bike build!
Fisher Ferrous, King Hubs, Velocity Blunts, Single Speed, and ridged for now...
More pics to come soon. Looking like nice weather for Wednesday, so assuming I survive my defense, I'm getting on the bike afterward...


Welp, gotta get back to prepping for tomorrow. I'll be in a much better mood at about 10:30 tomorrow. So, see ya then!

09 October 2009


Last night I made it out for my first Thursday Night mtb ride since before I had my hand issue. And by Night ride, I mean just that. It is now nearing dark when we start at 6:30, and dark dark in the woods a little after 7. Time for lights! Riding with those guys, in the dark....that will show you were you need to improve. After being off the bike for some time, and not having ridden at night since...oooo March....I have some room for improvement. I'm still holding my own though. I love that ride.

Chili dogs at Gene's afterwards...craziness after that....nice. Had to celebrate turning my thesis in to my committee...that's my excuse. Coffee, couch, and tv today. It's raining and I'm tired.

Headed down for the Shenandoah MTB festival Saturday afternoon, and then on to Lynchburg Sunday night. I need to get some time at home to chill, work on my presentation, and collect myself, because when I get back....time to defend...

Oh yes, and home to pick up my new frame and new wheel setup. New wheels built around my King hubs. Purple rims? Should be pretty wild lookin...

Which kinda sounds like..."Time to Pretend"...

(Not the real video, but the best one that did no have embedding disabled...geez)

And more, because its awesome, and was played in the bar last night...

Luke, I'll trade you my brand new 19 for the 20 off the Monkey...

07 October 2009


Check it out....at the DA

04 October 2009

It's October!

October is by far my favorite month, could be the leaves changing, the cooler and crispy weather, mountain biking through leaves, the perfection of the combination of the colors black and orange...I dunno...but it is awesome.

The bear wants a beer!

This week was super busy, as this weekend was the conference mountain bike championships, hosted by..., you guessed it, WVU... I spent several days (in the rain no doubt) with team mates marking courses at Big Bear, working on bikes, planning weekend logistics, and hanging out at our cabin at Wisp.

Saturday we had our ST, TT, and XC at Big Bear. Three events in one day is super tough, and I was smoked by the end of the XC. I really like racing short tracks, the are fast...short...and fun because I somehow keep being lucky enough to be in competition during a short track. I brought home a bronze medal from the short track this weekend woot!

TT was cool, XC hurt me, hurt me bad...one gear just wasn't enough on some of the climbs...ouch.

Saturday we hosted a pretty significant party at our cabin with the VT team and VCU team coming over to party with us, we probably had 50 people there are one point.

So, this morning we ....slowly...made it out of bed and down the slopes to run the Dual Slalom event, which I must say, is my least favorite. I did win my first bracket, only to get girled by a fast girl with a BMX history. She's quick... The Downhill race was the final event, which I really enjoy. I can't keep up with any of the guys on the big bikes at all....geez..I had a good run, a little spill in the middle though which cost me some time. I'm also still kinda skiddish from my hand injury, but I'm slowly starting to shake it...should be all gone by spring.

The Virginia Tech squad had been gunning for the conference title hard all season, in an attempt to break WVU's MTB conference winning streak. It all came down till this weekend, and never in my life would I have though I would be competing so hard against folks from my Alma Mater. They brough almost 30 people this weekend to the race, including lots of girls. They won the Short Track, we won the XC, and it was basically tied going into the races today, and we pulled past them with our win of the Downhill race, giving the WVU Cycling team its 10th mountain bike conference championship in as many years! It was a really fun, somewhat stressfull, and super tiring weekend....

That's officially it for me racing mountain bikes this season.....I had a ton of fun this season, learned a lot, had some great races, some bad races, and one broken hand...Now its time for resting, fun riding, some traveling, and in a few months the slopes will be open for boarding!