27 September 2009

Weekend in Raleigh

Spent the weekend in Raleigh, NC at the NC State MTB race weekend. Went down early Thursday night with Amber, Bala, and Liew, and we all had a big nice breakfast Friday morning and went out for some fun riding with Lemma.

Saturday was time again for more collegiate MTB racing.

My first races back from my broken hand, had a great time, got to visit Lemma, and got to visit with Matt and Linds, got to do some fast, muddy racing, and finished up third in the B field short track too...nice.

Check out the WVU Cycling blog for more team details on the weekend.

24 September 2009

headin' out

So, I'm gonna roll down to Raleigh, NC with the team this weekend. We are heading down for the NCSU mountain bike race weekend, and I'll get to hang with Lemma! We are takin' quite a few down, and the competition should be really tight.

I'm planning on racing the short track on Saturday. I've been back riding since I got my cast off last week, and went for a solid ride through white park the other day with Bala, Liew, and Ian. I'm feelin pretty good, my hand feels solid, and I'm feeling pretty eager to race. Not sure if I'll do the XC saturday morning, might not be ready for 18 miles of racing yet. I'm definitely down for the ST, and looking forward to it. I'll be spinnin around on a single speed tho so hopefully I can keep up!

Picked this up from Tyler Pearson, pretty cool. I feel like one of the guys mountain biking around through white park that they keep jumping to might just be our very own SpongeBob ....not sure tho...

23 September 2009

I'm on a bike

21 September 2009

All kinds of awesome

So this past weekend, and pretty much all of last week was full of good times. I'm waiting on my advisor to finish reading my draft, and I've all but finished up my presentation, so I didn't have so much to do last week, other than dink around with a few changes to my thesis.

Seth was in town, so most evenings consisted of going out on the town, cycling, and good food. Lemma came in to town on Friday and we spent that evening at Seth's hangar for a bonfire and cookout. Seth's dad Larry even took Lemma and I out for an airplane ride. That was the highlight of the evening, as neither of us had been in such a fun, small, and open plane. Larry flew us out and around Cooper's Rock, and I must say the view of the landscape from the air is simply amazing. My obession with topographic maps exploded into a fury of aerial view craziness. It was really neat to see how certain areas are all related, like how Blue Hole is just a couple miles up the river from Cheat Lake, and how close by the Big Sandy is, and how little water is in it right now, that and it was really crazy to see how small the actual "Cooper's Rock" outcrop is. When you stand on it, it feels huge, from the air, its just a big stone sticking out of a thick mountain of trees.

Saturday we went to the Wine and Jazz festival, which after getting comfortable with wading through the sea talking sunglasses, and cigar infused herbs from Jersey, was quite fun. As with most wines from West Virginia and Virginia, they were all quite sweet, but we had a great time running into people we knew, tasting some good, and bad wines, making fun of other drunk people, (Lucas we would have had a field day) and listening to some good music. We made it back home, thanks to Amber's folks, to get setup to watch the WVU game. The VT game wasnt on, which pissed me off to an enormous extent, but I was able to get reports, and finally found out that they won in the last few seconds. WVU didn't fare so well unfortunately, but it was still a really fun day.

We made it up Sunday, and headed out to Cooper's to help out for the WVMBA Championship race.  I'm still not ready to be back to beating up my hand on a mountain bike, especially at Coop's, so Lemma, Liew, and I went to do some course marshaling.  The course looked fun, rough, and long, but the races all rode well, and a good time was had by all.  A lot of my friends faired really well, making podiums for the race and series in all kinds of classes. I have fast friends!!


Lemma and I ended the weekend going to see "9" Sunday night, which was a really good movie, and then stopped by Seth's to hang for a while to recollect ourselves before starting another week.

That was a full and fun weekend, and there should be quite a few to follow this fall.

18 September 2009

Fri - Day

Some weekend tunes to rock out to...


And an older one..

17 September 2009

So long cast...

Yesterday I finally got the cast on my hand taken off!

Pretty nasty underneath, but it was nice to have my hand breath again, and move. My wrist, and palm are both quite sore, but everything is usable. The base on my pinky, where I broke the bone is super stiff and will take some time to regain full movement.

I got out on the bike for about an hour and a half yesterday with Seth, just an easy loop. Any bumps are tough on my hand and it is a little painful holding the bar, but other than that it is fine. I think i'll do another easy loop today. But it will still be a little while before I'm back on a mountain bike unfortunately.

Lots going on this weekend, Lemma is coming, heading to Seth's hangar, wine and jazz fest, prolly watching the Cooper's race on Sunday. Should be a good time.

Rock out

13 September 2009


From Joe @ College Game Balls
I havn't done much of anything this weekend. Caught up on some tasks though, like waterproofing all my gear, working on my bike, and outfitting my kayak. Just need to get some contact cement and my boat will be nice and tight around my hips, should make for some easy rolling.

I'm taking the fenders and rack off my touring bike to use it more CX style for a few weeks after i get my cast off, should be a good way to ease back into things.

09 September 2009


Last Friday, after bringing myself back to life after our WVU Cycling party, I hit the road to Harrisonburg. Met up with Burchy, and we headed to Stokesville to stake out our camp for the weekend. Pretty solid one I must say.

Saturday afternoon we began helping out with the SM100, checking in other volunteers and answering questions...it was pretty fun and I got a super sweet technical T outta the deal.

I couldn't race on Sunday because of my stupid, annoying, lame-ass broken hand, but I was still up and moving before the 6:30 AM start. Loading up aid station equipment, and catching a ride to my marshal point.

The start is so sick with 500+ riders rolling out for a long day.

Found this guy on Sue Haywood's blog, so I'm sharing it too...

I marshaled a point where I could see the riders twice, blazing past on the fast gravel, and then coming down a rad downhill for me to tell them to turn right. The amount of riders who goofed up the hard right on the loose gravel was pretty high, and humorous. Everyone seemed to be having a blast. The pro fast guys were on fire through there, and Lucas came through soon after, killing it early.

After marshaling, I rode an injured girl's sweet Ellsworth back to camp and ate some lunch, then I caught a ride back to aid station 6 to help for the afternoon. Saw all the riders roll through before the last 12 miles to go. Once again,as usual, they were flyin.

Luke after his finishing crash...apparently crashing hard just before the finish runs in the family...though, Ive never quite destroyed my shorts in a race...


More here...

The dinner after the race was stellar, I was so hungry, and thirsty too, especially with the Dogfish Head beer! Partied for a while, chatted with other folks I knew, and partied a little more, and then to bed for the evening.

Brandon man, sorry I missed gettin a pic of you when you flew by hollerin at me!

It was awesome, Jason Burch is a supremely hospitable and great friend. It was great to hang out with Brandon and meet Tabby. My brother is a bad ass with 11:24. I gotta beat that next year.

Congrats to Luke, Brandon, Gunnar, Betsy, Quinn, and all my other buds on their awesome rides. Riding 100 miles on a mountain bike is full on.

Next year I will to be riding. So will Burchy.

I will say though, that it was cool to be on the vounteer side. It takes a ton of work to put on that race. At the end of the day, I was stupid tired. A different tired from riding, but tired! It was really cool!

Thanks to Chris Scott, SM Touring, and Shenandoah club for putting on such a rad race. Ill be back next year. Sub 11, gotta stay ahead of my lil bro and his speed hole shorts!

It was a sick weekend, well, save for the score of the VT football game...

PS - Maggie apparently won a New Belgium cruiser bike...sick!

Cast off in 9....