30 August 2009

Backpacking Sods!

Met my Dad and Brother, and Luke's dog Ukey in Davis, Friday evening...Luke and I were taking Dad on his first backpack trip to celebrate his 50th birthday!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Picked up some pizza, supplies for Sat/Sun, and some beer, and headed to our camp down Canaan Loop road. I like camping down there, easy, but a lil ways from town.

Saturday morning there was some rain, but it let up and we were able to eat, pack up, and head to Sods. Started in a little overcast, off and on sun, off and on sprinkle, but nice and cool, so it was good hiking. Made it to our camp down by Red Creek, set up, snacked, hiked some more.

Afterward we goofed off around the creek, got in for a swim, and then set in on dinner. We had a nice meal, and Dad got us a fire going. Turned out to be a great fire, despite the wet wood.

Today was beautiful, barely in the 70s and sunny! Made the hike out up Fisher Spring Run perfect, saw a few small animals, a green snake was the highlight, and we finished the day with food and a beer at Hellbender. It was sad to end the awesome weekend, but we had a great time, and I look forward to it again. I really like Sods.

Luke has some good pics of the three of us, maybe he will post them!

My cast is getting really dirty, and pretty gross. It comes off Sept 16.

25 August 2009

hey hey

Went to Fall Fest last night. Akon...was cool. I caught the tail end of Third Eye Blind and thought it was lame that they closed with "How's It Gonna Be?" Cool song yes...but a closer...geez. Lots of people. Lots of freshman...when do I officially become to old to go to things like that? Hmm...hope I don't

This is what 3EB SHOULD have closed with.

or at least something harder than "How's It Gonna Be." I've listed to them on and off, and on again since I was hanging at Rainbow with the gang in freakin 8th grade...I had thought better of them. Man, how did I end up ranting? The lack of riding is making me angry, and perhaps I've been listening to more Linkin Park lately, than I should. Though, I don't think you could say there is too much LP...well...

Went running today. It felt good, so with all the hiking and running now, I won't go too crazy between now and getting this cast off!

Tomorrow is my Dad's 50th birthday! Happy Birthday Dad! Luke and I are taking him backpacking in Canaan this weekend to celebrate. Solid.

23 August 2009


Met Lemma this weekend at Grayson Highlands SP in the Mt. Rogers National Rec Area within the Jefferson Nat. Forest of Southwestern, VA. Pretty solid drive, but totally worth it.

The park was beautiful, lots of scenery, rocky outcrops, wild berries to eat! Hiked on the AT for a long while on Saturday and made our way to the summit of Mt. Rogers, which is the highest point in Virginia! 5,729 feet! That is pretty high for the great East Coast! Mt. Mitchell of course has it beat, gotta hit that one someday.

Mt. Rogers itself does not have a view. But, the forest up there is like something out of The
lord of The Rings, dark, wet, misty, lots of pines, live, rotten, and mossy. I was half expecting a troll to spring up at us while we were hiking. It was worth the hike.

The weather was awesome, cool, crisp, and clear during the day.

I suggest you check the place out.

In about the 30's the park service released wild ponies in the area to maintain the grasslands. Now there are over a hundred just wandering about. They beg for food like dogs, which was pretty funny.

I also picked up the Mount Rogers Nat Geo Topo map while I was there...suhhwheeet!

So now I have been to the highest points in:

West Virginia

So, its a pretty short list for now. I'm going to keep improving upon it. Not sure if Luke has me beat or not. I know Scott does...

20 August 2009


It is Thursday...ahhh I want to ride! Drooling over pics from Trek World, and the NAHBS do not help matters at all...nor do seeing my room mates headed out for sick rides either!

But, I'm gonna take this time catch up on some bike related upgrades. Brandon has some crazy new rims for me to run, and I got a Fisher Ferrous frame from the warranty of my old x-cal frame.

Gonna get him to rebuild my Reba too since my drive side stanchion tube is really worn. So about the time I get this dang cast off, I'll have a new single speed to roam around on for the fall and winter. Pumped.

Enjoy the tunes...and your weekend.

19 August 2009


Sticky spider guys from gum ball machines that would cling to and crawl down the wall. Then just get covered in dust and not work anymore?


Doctor said my hand is healing well, so that is a plus. Back next week to check on it again.

16 August 2009


So, as I can not really ride, swim, or run (well I probably could run...maybe, but, nahh), I spent the majority of the last two days hiking around at Cooper's Rock.

On and off trails, seeking big rocks, animals, getting lost, finding bear droppings, getting really hot, being annoyed by gnats, and enjoying being outside.

Had this been a leg injury and not being able to still be mobile, I can't imagine how frustrating that would be.

In reality, I could maybe push it, ride or do similar activites that I should not do, but I think I'll take the appropriate time and really let my body heal itself. So for the next month and a half I'll be doing lots of walking, and lots of good hiking. They have to change my cast this week, so I think Ill opt for the waterproof one.

12 August 2009


so yes i broke my hand...

bummed i cant do the sm100 w/ my bro...sucks a lot

not a happy guy right now...but it will heal!

11 August 2009


My hand today...

I think I'll go to student services in the morning and get it looked at. Swelling still going down, but I may as well go...

10 August 2009

scraped up

Siiiick weekend

Scott was visiting, did a 50 mile ultra race at Big Bear, and did some paddling at the Lower Yough on Sunday. I am still freaking tired...and I'm beat up too!

50 miles on the fast rocky trails at Big Bear is tough, but I had my buddies Liew and Bala to ride with. We were also back and forth with some of the nightclub fellas, which is always fun. Some of those trails are sooo smoking fast, and some...some are crazy hard and technical.

Just 200 yards from the finish I took a mad fast smack into a tree, bouncing like a pin ball to the opposite side of the trail. It took a few minutes to shake off. My hand and shoulder took a real beating. My hand was swollen up to look like this....

The main point that hit was right at the knuckle of my pinky finger....everything seems ok with it, it is still fully movable with little pain, it just hurts if I hit it on something...if it gets worse, I might get it x-rayed...the swelling appears to be going down...here it is today....

I still made it in at 5 hours and 50 minutes, which I am stoked about, it was a tough day, and I had a great time. Beer and food after...yesss

Sunday, Scott and I, along with Chris and Rich went up to run the Lower Yough. I'd been down that section before, but once in a duckie, and once in a hardboat, but only on the short loop section. It was a hot day, so I was stoked to be on the water...and the water was stoked to rock me. I didnt waste much time eating it in the first rapid, but I managed to roll myself...and when I got up...oh look I'm going down that...crap...roll again....at least I can roll. Made it down the rest of the day fine and having a good time. Still neverous about Dimple, and still cant quite surf too well...I rolled again doing that..

Scott and Chris chillin at the end of the day

Had one bad mess up where I rolled after a rapid, and when trying to roll up, I got pushed back down smacking my head, arm, and face on a rock. Good thing I had on a helmet! Had to swim on that one...but we drained my boat and were off for more, and I felt good about my day. It was fun, my hand held up even though it wasnt too strong.

the face didnt get it too bad...

Spent some time in the evenings chilling at Wendy's pool, recovering from each day. Today my legs, arms, face, hand, shoulders, and back are super sore. And when you feel like that on Monday...you know it was a good weekend.

I'm taking the week off and letting my body recover.

04 August 2009


Some of my family asked me this weekend, how I'm always able to fit everything in and do so many fun things...I told them, I'm really tired a lot.

Here is how it took place from Thursday night to Monday evening.

- Thursday night Wamsley ride, fast, tough, awesome.
- Dinner, beer, sleep
-Up at 5 to head home.
-Home at 11:30
-New tires for rodeo
-Uncle Orran's birthday bash that evening, cousins, burgers, veggies, Balderdash, Carly game, I ate too much...
-Up early, breakfast with Mom...mmm eggs and coffee, head for Raleigh
-Help Lemma move in, build futon, Trader Joes and Whole Foods...mmm...oooo New Belgium... dinner and beer at the Flying Saucer...man that place rocks.
-Hang with Lemma for the evening
-up at 4:45 to head back home for a long MTB ride to train for SM100...
- Home at 7:30...breakfast...rain...(damn)...need to ride, Luke and I do 5 hours of trails, double track, and forest road in the on and off rain. Pours rain towards the end of the ride..mud in eyes, almost crash...."epic" super pumped
- Home from ride...immediate food...play cards with G-ma and G-Dad, celebrate G-Dad's birthday, snacks, and beer, I won some chips!
- Back to the house for dinner with the old man, brats, corn, and snaps...beer, yes.
- Lucas leaves...bummer...Drowsy Poet and dollar movie with Scott...been a long time...
- Sleep,
- Up early, breakfast, packing, tires put on Rodeo
- Lunch with Mom and Nan
- Gotta run...
- Long drive, back in Motown, grocery store, dinner....
- 1 beer...

Whew...got some work done today...went on Ryan's search for the non-existent connector road tonight, but it turned out to be a good ride, plenty of climbing which is what I need. Feeling good, gotta keep up with the riding, one more month to go before blast off.

Checked on the 7 while I was in too, still looking really clean, a little dust in parts. Need to spend enough time at home sometime this fall to get it running for a little bit. It has held up really well in it's shed under the cover...no sun, no weather, nice...

This weekend I'm thinking about doing the Big Bear Ultra, and I'd like to see about some paddling on Sunday...we will see.

I'm going to bed!