29 July 2009

Feel It

So, "the white bike" as it has been known, that I picked up from Roberto a little while ago is now resurrected and ready for action. I have it setup with all the parts from my X-Cal. I'm running my Reba in lieu of a Lefty for now. Maybe someday....but, the Reba feels nice on the bike and I plan on riding the heck out of it.

Took it for a spin with Zerbe, Bala, and Liew tonight to work out the bugs and really enjoyed the ride. The geometry is a little different from the Fisher frames I have been, and enjoy riding, but I'm stoked to try something different for a while.

Zerbe dominated his rear deraillieur on the ride, and we had to push him back all the way home from Baker's...well he walked up Riddle. Then, beer, beans, rice, spinach, and corn, and rally race videos on the tv...super.

Gonna roll out on it tomorrow evening again and keep some more time on it before I hit up the Thursday action.

And since Bala and I are currently obsessed with this song...

27 July 2009


Well, more like squash. After being tired of two summers of missing out on Grandma's cooked, and stuffed squash lunches back home, I decided to try the cooked version myself on Saturday. Though, it wasn't quite the experience that it is when eating lunch at her house, I'd say it was quite good. Lemma also made a spinach and goat cheese pizza that was just super bomb.

Fueled from our super awesome Saturday night dinner, Lemma and I spent her last Sunday in Morgantown doing some hiking off Snake Hill, having an excellent lunch, and then getting in a nice, if moderately windy road ride in the afternoon. Topped it all off with a burger at the Regal Beagle for dinner. Pretty solid Sunday I must say.

It is back to work today...well sort of. I'm gonna stop in dirty P and try and get this headset adapter worked out so I can get finished up building up the white bike. Then I'm gonna drop in and visit Liew and Bala's climbing expedition for a short bit before heading to the lab in Westover to finish cleaning up my post-testing mess. Tomorrow it will be time to get down to writing of the ole thesis.

24 July 2009


Welp, that makes two frames I've cracked now...check it out!

What up Snake?

I picked up Robbie's Cannondale frame from last year a lil while back for a future build up, but looks like I'm gonna "palp" that, gotta get something built up quick so I can get comfortable on it before Shenandoah...

22 July 2009


Snake Hill to Masontown, back to SummerSchool has got to be one of the cooler rides around. Zerbe, Liew, and I headed out for some good climbing, and super fast descents, at a solid pace. Really starting to get comfortable on my new Cannondale, and I'm liking it!

Finished my testing today, so its time to get to work on finishing my thesis! So good to have that off my back!

20 July 2009

All these things that I've done...

Man, I'm tired...spent the weekend back home eating, visiting, paddling, mountain biking, and just havin a good time. It was awesome, but I didn't get back here till 2:30 last night...daaang. Got to spend some sick time with my bro and his lady friend Maggie. It sure is good having them back on the East Coast.

Got in a solid ride Sunday in the mountains with plenty of climbing. I feel pretty strong, and I'm starting to feel ready for the SM100. I sent in my money, so I suppose I better be ready. Gotta keep motivating myself to do some long rides, and take care of myself. Was a little smoked after the Blackwater race, it was fun, but my drive to be super fast is starting to leave me for the season, as it does every July and I've once more begun to settle down, do some long long fun rides, and get ready for a 100 miler.

The rain is back...we need it. Getting testing done in the lab this week, woot! Ok, going to bed!

11 July 2009


Well its definitely summertime, the Tour is full on, its plenty hot, and Baker's is super dry and fast!

Got a lot of fun to be had coming up, starting with the WV State Mountain Bike Champs tomorrow in Davis, then headed to Lynchburg next weekend to do a little paddling and riding with some folks at home. Looking forward to gettin in and seeing some everyone, and celebrating my Mom's birthday. Hope the weather is good.

The race in Davis tomorrow will be a good one, I really enjoyed it this year, and now that I'll be racing expert, I'll be getting in on all 28 miles of rocky, muddy, Canaan awesomeness.

Went on an early morning ride with Liew and Bala, saw a dead baby rattlesnake, Bala got bit like 35 times by some bug in his jersey, and then stopped by Zerbe's to wake him up (since he missed the ride) and steal some extra bike parts...and yeah...watched some of the Tour...worked on the Karate Monkey putting a new bar on it that I got from Luke, and went to Wendy's to check on her dog and hang out by the pool.

Been just taking it easy today, running around every weekend, riding, things crazy at the lab with testing, and my body is started to get a little fed up with me. Been trying to not fry myself, and it has been nice to have time to take it slow, wash and fix up my bikes, and basically do nothing, catch up with some people on the phone..

I've been trying to chase down an ethernet cable for Lemma without having to drive to freaking-A Target to get one, but have been unsuccessfull. I can't believe CVS carries all the ridiculous electronics equipment that they do, and don't have one freaking ethernet cable...lame. I think I can weasel one out of Amber though!

Awful, awful post, but I'm bored...should be more interesting tomorrow evening with my "race update" like I'm some kind of fast guy...hah!