30 June 2009

Car and Gar's hitchin' festival

Congrats to Carly and Garrett and their recent wedding of this past weekend in Richmond. It was certainly excellent to be in Richmond with my family. The celebration was awesome, and we dominated their car Saturday night. It was really cool having the reception at the downtown train station, which was still active during the event with confused train riders getting off the train only to find a live jazz band, and quite wild party. Personally, had I been waiting for a train, I would have found my best shirt out of my bag and proceeded directly towards the bar line. It was very cool once the party moved outside to the steps right by the street to send them off, everyone driving by was honking and cheering, it was really cool.

24 June 2009

Some time off...

A whole lot of awesomeness has occured since I last had the time to get on here. Lucas and Maggie came for a stellar visit, full of rock climbing at Coop's, bike riding, and good beer. Luke and Maggie did some backpacking in Sods too, so Lemma and I spent the first day with them doing that since I had to work during the week. We also made the ride to Point Marion to eat breakfast at Apple Annie's, which included yet another flat from Luke and a downpour just as we started the 10 mile ride home. It rocked.

The other weekend was the 24 hours of Big Bear, and after doing the race each year, plus at least one other 24 hour, I decided not to race this year. It's always a sick time, but since Luke was just back from Colorado, I thought we'd do something a little different, so we packed up our gear, and bikes, and headed to Canaan Valley. We got into town, set up camp down Canaan Loop road and headed into Davis for some riding on the Blackwater trails, dinner at Hellbender, and beers at Blackwater. Lucas had more flat trouble, and we finally found that his rim tape had come off and his tubes were pinching in the spoke holes of the rim. No problem...I had just given him a full Stan's tubeless kit, so at camp that evening we drank beer and converted him to no tooobs. Rad.

Sunday was to be an epic day, and it was. We rose in the morning, fixed coffee, ate some breakfast, and hit the trail head and started our ride which included Plantation, Table Rocks, Canaan Loop Road, Blackwater State Park, and back through on the Allegheny trail to Plantation again to our secret beer we had stashed waiting for us in a cold Canaan Valley Creek. Finished that last 20 minutes of the ride on a slight IPA induced trail buzz. Sirianni's for dinner...perfect.

The McLeans came to Canaan on Monday to spend a week at thier place at Timberline, so after some breakfast and goofing around, Luke and I met up with them before he had to leave to head back home before his big move to Richmond. So, after the sadness of Luke heading out, Lemma and I jumped in the car and drove down to Seneca Rocks to make the hike up to the sweet crag. The view was awesome, and it was a good hike. Sirianni's for dinner with the McLean's after...perfect again.

Oh, and on our way to dinner that evening I finally saw a bear. A young black bear cub cross 32 as we were heading into Davis. I was stoked, as it was about time. Though, odd that despite the large amount of time I spend in the woods, I end up seeing on crossing the road. Oh well, I'm counting it as a win.

Tuesday I took Lemma riding at Blackwater and showed her some of the gnar since she had only seen the beginner loop of the area, and then I had to hit the road back to Morgantown. It was a solid short vacation that unfortunately had to end, but I have a lot going on at the lab now and will be getting my testing phase of the project done in the next month woot!

This past weekend we went down for the Appalachian Class MTB race. I missed the action on Saturday, including Bala's wheel destroying short track win, but I made it for Sunday's XC. I'm still dabbling in Expert, and the big fast starts always make me a little nervous, but I enjoy the fun of the expert start since everyone knows each other, and there is lots of shenannigans going on. It was a hot day, and some people were feeling the effects, including myself. The water showers as I passed the pavillion from the Night Club dudes on my second and last laps, as well as my retrieval and consumption of Jeremy Rowand's lost water bottle on my third lap, kept me feeling good, and in solid spirits. Thanks guys! Expert certainly keeps me modest, and is a rockin good time. Lemma had a solid ride at the race as well and she's riding really well these days! Thanks again to JR for the sick race, and all of the freebies afterwards. Hopefully I'll make it to the WV State Champs race in Davis in July.

In other news LarryElvisLiew is back in town so let the "funny stuff" begin. I also recently ordered a new spray skirt for my kayak, so hopefully I can get some paddling in this summer once that comes in.

Carly and Garret get married this weekend, so I'm headed to Richmond to enjoy some solid time with the Brown clan, looking forward to sharing a few beers with my brother and the old man. Amanda and Jason have recently added a crumb snatcher into the mix as well, so congrats to them!

05 June 2009


Friday Tunes:

Carbon Leaf!

02 June 2009

yeah, I blog...sometimes

So I haven't been around in a while. Moving, and being to busy....lazy to get internet setup, and being busy at the lab have all somewhat hindered my blogging abilities. Now that I have moved, my bike commute to work time is now up to 25 minutes to the lab, and 30 minutes home, including the monster climb up 8th street to get to the house. This puts me at just about an hour of riding every day, on top of whatever ride I might do that evening. Needless to say, I've been eating a lot of food lately. Including the hippy cookie that just topped off my lunch...

If you ride from Cooper's down Mont Chateau trail, you end up here in the cove by the lake. Hike your bike along the rocky-ness up to Mont Chateau itself and then out on the road past the lake and back to Motown...ssssiiiick.

Since the last time I was on here, I've been to Niagara Falls, done some excellent mountain biking, built some trails, and oddly enough have made some progress in the lab.

Niagara Falls was super sick, kind crowded, but very pretty! It was cool to cruise up there for the weekend, camp at a KOA, and just chill. We even walked across the bridge into Canada, which ups my lifetime foreign country visits to 2 now. Pretty soon I'll be able to fit right in with the snooty "I've traveled the world, which makes me a better person than you" crowd...

My brother is coming to visit this Friday and stay for a whole week! Depending on how much lab time I can bail on, the possibilities include some sick mountain biking, backpacking, rock climbing, awesome food eating....and yes...you guessed it, lots of beer drinking! So there should be some excellent pics and suchnot to report on once the dust settles.

Havn't raced in a while, which is cool, I've got a couple planned for later in June and then in July, kinda building up the SM100 this year, trying to just do some bigger ride weekends than racing a lot.

If you enjoy a good crack on the fixed-gear hipster culture of NYC and wonder what a bike salmon is, then please read the Bike Snob NYC blog linked on the right...I think you will enjoy it.

For Scott...