22 May 2009

The Prodigal Son Returns

My brother comes home for good back to the East Coast today from his year-long venture living in Fort Fun. Welcome back Lucas!

I've been away from the blog for a bit, with weekend ventures, a busy week, and, oh yeah...no interweb.

Yesterday on my commute to the lab I saw a group of ducks, two of which were beating up on the third duck, the lead bully biting the victim behind the back and dragging him back down towards the river...not sure what that was all about, I'm sure the victim duck either stole the other one's i-pod or said something negative about the Pens...

Last weekend Lemma graduated woot! So congrats to her and this weekend we are heading up to Niagara to check out the falls and camp, returning Sunday night. Monday I plan on getting a nice long mtb ride in somewhere.

I've also decided to make Fridays soft drink day. I try to maintain a pretty healthy diet, but soda is my arch nemesis, because I love it. I went almost two years without drinking one during my last two years of college, and generally I can hold off all winter, but once its hot and I get back to riding a lot I tend to faulter. So, in an effort to minimize my soda intake but reward myself for stumbling through another week, Friday is now soft drink day. Sweeet.

Friday is of course also time for Friday Tunes:

(A special I suck edition because apparently I am behind on my New Found Glory, lame, I have a NFG guitar pick...do you?)

and there is new Carbon Leaf as well...gotta get that tonight so I am up to speed when I see them next weekend in Pitt.

11 May 2009


So we went to moab, ut for some epic mountain biking and beer drinking! We left Fort Collins in the early afternoon on Thursday and made it to the mecca of all things off-road before nightfall. We set up our tents and set in on drinking beer, we decided that the only suitable beers were New Belgium Fat Tire and Sunshine Wheat seeing is how the weekend was filled mostly with mountain bikes and the desert sun!

On friday we rode the world renown Slickrock Trail, it was not exactly what i expected but awesome anyways. A 12+ mile lariat essentially all on one rock, lots of steep up and down. And we were a little disappointed because the rock wasnt slippery at all, in fact it had almost limitless traction. We started out at about 7am to try and beat some of the sun and heat of the day, we rode to the trailhead and started out great, then about 1 mile in Jason sheared is hub on one of the many steep climbs. So we called the girls to come pick us up and take us back to town where Jason rented a rear wheel and left his to be repaired.

After the ride we met back up with the girls after their hike and enjoy some nice frosty beers and then went into Moab to explore the town, get some suvies and ice cream. We were all pretty zonked from the ride/hike and especially the sun so we had some hotdogs, beer and sleep.

Day 2 we rode Porcupine Rim, which was despite the proximity very different from the slickrock trail. Started out with a good 3 mile climb through some good rock gardens, which was followed up by about 12 miles of awesome rocky downhill and siick drop offs. 

Post ride we checked out the Moab Brewery for some good beer (including Porcupine Pilsner!) and some good pizza and the rest of our beer cache.

Sunday before leaving we all went on a Hike to Corona Arch to wind up the trip before heading back to colorado.


Also we got to see some petroglyphs left from the Navajos!

We got in some great riding, drank some delicious beer, and saw a beautiful part of the country.

It was great and tomorrow we leave for Jackson, WY for the first leg of our road trip!

Gnar indeed

Spent the weekend in Canaan Valley with the cycling team for Steve's bachelor/hard-core riding weekend, and it was bad ass.

Got there late Friday night to join the other team members and a keg from Mountain State Brewing Co. Big stellar breakfast in the morning and rolled out for a ride. Plantation trail, Pointy Knob trail, tons of mud and rocks, and gravel roads, and back to the car almost 6 hours later.

Pizza in Davis at Sirianni's of course for dinner, and back to the cabin to finish off the keg...mmm

Breakfast again in the morning, some left early, the rest of us headed down to Spruce Knob to ride the Huckleberry trail and all of its rocky, gnarly, glory. Tired, back to Davis, Hellbender Burritos, and back to Morgantown...Perfection.

Seneca Falls

My little brother did some playing around in Moab over the weekend and is currently embarking upon a northwestern road trip, hopefully we hear something from him soon. I'm sure it is a terrible experience, I really do feel sorry for the guy.

I'll get some more pics up soon, check www.wvucycling.blogspot.com for more, someone else will post there I am sure.

Also, WVU cycling is putting on a 12 hour mountain bike race at Big Bear on May 23. Entry is $20 per team!

Back to woooork....hey things are moving along!

08 May 2009


Next week (5/11-5/15) is bike to work week, so do it if you can!

Bike To Work Week

Heading out tonight with some WVU cycling members to meet yet more of our team in Canaan Valley for a weekend of solid and epic mountain biking. So, I'm pumped!

Friday Tunes...

03 May 2009

Viva la Beer Fest

Got to visit my cousin Linds and her husband Matt down in Raleigh, NC along with my Aunt and Uncle, Sandi, and the Old Man himself for the Raleigh World Beer Festival.

Over a hundred brewers come to let us sample their beer amongst music, food, and other vendors. They supply you with a glorfied plastic shot glass and each brewer is supposed to pour two ounces for you to sample and then try another. Well, they generally fill up the 4 ounce cup and by the end of the 4 hour session, those 2-4 ounces turn into a LOT of beer, and everyone is drunk, cheering, and stuffing free stickers, bottle openers, frisbees, and T-shirts into their pockets. It is amazing. I hand't been since 2007 so it was great to get back. If you have never done an event like this, and you enjoy beer, and free stuff, then man you have to make it next year! One of my favorite parts is the noticeable progression of the crowd. After 3 hours into the session, whenever a vendor dumps a bucket of empty bottles into a recycling bin, the crowd erupts in cheer over the loud crashing sound. It is beautiful.

The only sucky part are the lines for the porter johns....laaaame.

This guy would have enjoyed the Beer Festival.

Afterward we stumbled through some cooking out and eventually crash landed for the evening. Bojangles biscuits for breakfast and then it was on the road back to Morgantown. We did make a stop through Catawba, VA outside of Roanoke to hit up a short hike, in the rain which was less than ideal but still fun. My good friend Scott even decided to slide down from Blacksburg to join us on the hike and hang out for a bit. It was solid, and then we hit the road up 311 for a scenic route up to 64 and eventually back to Motown.

It was a stellar weekend, Monday is tomorrow, and the process starts over. Looks like rain for the next...forever, ugh.

01 May 2009

Beer is good for you

Headin down to Raleigh for the weekend!

double Friday Tunes because I couldn't decide...