27 February 2009

Bye Bye February

Word, February is almost over. Headed to Canaan for one more weekend of skiing. Well, I'm taking the bike just in case...

Rode last night with Team Rowman plus - little rusty on my night riding skilz, but it was sick, and super muddy. I'll have to keep catching that one.

When I get back it will be full on riding season, starting with the 12 hours of Pandapas down in Blacksburg next weekend.

24 February 2009

Good Mornin!

When I was in highschool I would typically run out the door, never having even sniffed at eating breakfast. These days, I can't function at all with out it, and it helps me start my day.

Lately I have been dominating Special K chocolaty delight with yogurt mixed in, and man is it awesome. Add in a hot cup of java and man is it awesome...I actually just had two bowls.

Sunday's ride was super. It's always an interesting day on the mountain bike when the mud and muck below freezes to your frame, wheels, and drivetrain, especially with a large group! It was one of those rides littered with crashes, broken chains, clipping in issues, and my flat which was quite entertaining for everyone, but that is what happens in February.

I doubt I will make the ride next week as Lem and I are headed back to Canaan one last time for the winter. We'll see, maybe I will be back in time on Sunday.

Check out The SeatPost and Fatboy Bikes for some further hot details on the ride. You can find em on your right there, on the page.

Hopefully I can muster the motivation to ride with Team Rowman+ on Thursday night! Though, I have been a Thursday night bailer for a couple months now...

Less than three weeks till Ireland...

15 February 2009

Sundays are for mountain biking...

During the two years that I was working and living at home, that title was my away message most Sundays as I was off on one of Brandon's standard epic mountainous adventures. I had somehow gotten away from that over the past year, aside from the Sunday MTB racing in the summer, and lately I have rekindled my love for the long Sunday ride, with the local Mon Club Sunday mountain bike ride, and oh has it been nice.

Last weekend when riding at home, Mr. Reynolds himself asked me, "Is it muddy up there?" in reference to riding around Morgantown. Now, I know a lot of people who do not get very excited about riding when the trails are muddy, for various reasons. A lot of people see it as bad for the trails, which I suppose in certain areas would be true. Peaks View Park was always a disaster when it was muddy, and places like that do get eaten up. But, I will say here the very same comment I made in response to Brandon, "Up there, if you don't ride in the mud, you don't ride"

It was awesome. By the end of the ride, my front derailleur was pretty much unresponsive.

Scott forwarded me some pretty sick pictures from the prologue of the Tour of California. Enjoy.

I plan on submitting a WVU cycling video at the Morgantown Adventure film festival on April 24th, so if you are interested, you can get tickets at Adventure's Edge. Afterwards, I will be making an all night drive to Raleigh, NC, so I can meet my cousins and other extended family for this... I missed the beer festival last year, and man was it sad. Gotta make it this time!

As for now, I am officially tired. Have a solid week.

14 February 2009

Happy Valen-Jam

So, Lemma and I opted for a nice Valentine's Day hike out at Cooper's Rock. It's cold out, and it was snowing through most of our hike. Since the road gate is closed during the winter, to get to the main overlook you have to hike, so the throng of out-lookers is not there like it is in the summer. It was nice enjoy our lunch on the rock on our own.

Lemma and I at the overlook.

We did see quite a few other hikers, and a local single speeder out riding on the trails. The Tour of Cali starts this evening, so we will join some friends to watch the coverage.

Lemma and her tree.

Today is also my Grandma Brown's 81st Birthday! Happy Birthday Grams!

13 February 2009

The Colorado addition

Greetings to the readers of this blog from beautiful Colorado, Jake has invited me to become a contributer so I will do just that!

Today I took a short trip down to Longmont, CO home of the newly opened Oskar Blues brewing facility. While OB originated about half an hour east of Longmont in the town of Lyons, CO and has a delicious Cajun style brewpub there, they have apparently outgrown the Lyons operation thus have expanded into a larger more industrial facility, which lead to my trip to Longmont. I was first unknowingly exposed to Oskar Blues while at the Raliegh World Beer Fest a couple years ago, and have been wanting to try more of their beer as it is most intriguingly canned. Now since today was the Grand Opening of their new facility in Longmont I took it upon myself to check them out in more detail (I was also hoping to come across some free stuff)! Oskar Blues is probably most famous for its pale ale, "Dale's Pale Ale" named the top american pale ale by the New York Times, but they have recently started to can a beer simply named "Ten FIDY." An Imperial Stout it has caught my eye many times at the liquor store but i cannot for the life of me bring myself to pay $12 for a four pack of cans, so i decided to pay $6 for a pint...well worth it. Described as resembling a "decadently rich milkshake..." Ten FIDY has no doubt made its way into my top ten beers and next time i will go the more economical route of buying the four pack. And since so much of this blog is dominated by bike related such not i think it is necessary to mention that Oskar Blues sponsors a bike team in conjunction with Spot Brand Bikes (which are made in Golden, CO).

and as to not just post text here are some pics

Magstertron and myself on a snowshoe hike to Horsetooth Rock.

A wintertime shot of Longs Peak From Fort Collins 


Ok I stole a couple pics from Clay Brimijoin from the ride Sunday.

Let's try something else...

Picking up new brakes for my mountain cycle today. New BB7's to try, sweeeet.

Hope that new road bike comes in soon, I wanna get it put together so I can ride it!

11 February 2009

More Sun...

Man today is really nice, too bad I am stuck at work.

Larry christened his new hotness Monday night, and it is officially a mountain bike haha. 'Tis quite a nice looking ride I must say! Makes me jealous that I didn't get one!

I have been going to spin class lately. It is a pretty solid work out and it will get my legs ready for spring, not to mention the post spin ab session that they do. Geeeez...

I'm getting some good stuff done here at the lab today, there will be plenty of nice days to come. Too bad it will be cold this weekend, but that is ok, Lemma and I are going to try and get out to Big Bear on Saturday, and then I will probably try and catch the Mon Sunday MTB ride!

Welp, lunch time is over I suppose, better get back to work. Cycling club meeting tonight at 7:30, should be good, I havn't hung out with the team guys much lately, as I have been somewhat reclusive, and don't have but so much intention on doing a ton of road racing this spring. Should be cool to see everyone.

And so this post isn't too boring, here is a picture, the view from Devil's Marble Yard, I took this picture last Thanksgiving of 2007.

10 February 2009


So, for the three of you who probably read my blog, I have obviously been going through some annoying changes here. I am trying to figure out what I like best. I really liked the brown, but it had some weird problems that I didnt like, and I want to have my own picture at the top.

We have been pouring the concrete pad at the lab here today so I can mount a lot of my equipment outside. It has been a pretty interesting experience since it is raining today, and I am soaked.

Spin class tonight perhaps.

09 February 2009


I went home this weekend, I needed to visit my parents and family, and the weather was also supposed to be terrific. The weather held true, and both days it was in the mid 60's and sunny, with a few clouds on Sunday.

Of course, I took the bike home, and on Sunday I met up with the group that I used to ride with when I was living in Lynchburg. The MTB rides that these guys do on Sundays are generally all day affairs, with many miles, lots of climbing, and beer at the end.

The ride we did is one we refer to as "the Sedailia ride." This is the area where the ultra running race "the promise land" is put on by David Horten.

11 of us started off from the Sedalia center in Bedford, and climb up reed creek road, which after a while of gravel turns into fire road and jeep trail. After dropping off of that onto single track we came back down to the main road and headed up some national forest roads back up towards the top of the mountain. This can lead to either a trail climb up to the parkway, or a grassy fireroad traverse over to a horse trail just below the parkway. About half way a good chunk of the group dropped off with only 5 of us remaining to finish up the ride.

This was actually the scene of my very first big ride about 4 years ago, and though I can ride the whole thing much faster and stronger now, it still beats you down. Much of the trail and roads at the top of the mountain were pretty wet from snow melt, but the views were very nice. I hope to get ahold of Van's pictures soon and post them. I took a couple but towards the end of the ride I had to hurry up and get back to the car to start my long drive back to Morgantown.

In the end we did almost 30 miles, most of which was climbing. The gnarly descent at the end was made even more difficult with all the mud and most of the rocks were pretty loose, but it was still nice.

Saw a couple hawks too. It was awesome, and today I am resting. I need to clean my bike. I got back at about 1:30 am.

Does anyone know where my Blue Ridge Parkway Trails Illustrated map is!?! I can't find it!

05 February 2009

No roll

Yeah, so I'm blowing off roll sessions for a date night with Lemma. Black Bear and the Warner!

Turns out I gotta go home this weekend, so we are gonna go out tonight. Family biz is calling, but maybe I can squeeze in a ride while I'm there.

Here are some pictures because I just felt like doing it.

This was taken at the 2007 24 hours of Big Bear...sweeet!

Before the start of the '06 SM100

Sorry, its February, and I'm getting stoked about warm weather riding!

03 February 2009

Dominating on the Weekends

Lately I've been rocking out during the weekends with some boarding in Canaan Valley and some riding back here in Morgantown.

This weekend was just as awesome. Timberline on Saturday and Sirianni's that night, and back to Morgantown Sunday morning for a slushy, warm, and sunny mountain bike ride!

I've been trying to catch the Mon club's Sunday MTB ride, which I have been enjoying. Just gotta get through February and then off on my big trip to Ireland, and after that it will be "full on" bike riding time!

Tonight, Lemma and I went swimming at the rec, and tomorrow it will most likely be back to spin class in the evening, assuming I can go and pick up my ID from the ID office. I left it at the rec last night after spin, and for some reason they took it right to the office instead of hanging on to it for a day!

Tonight I was working on stripping down my Trek 5000 road bike since I am selling the frame to Scott in preparation for my new C-dale that I ordered a couple months ago. I enjoyed the bike a lot, but I suppose it is time to try something new.

Here is a picture for fun of the GT Peace 9'r that I rode for a while about 2 years ago. Was a sweet ride, and I wish I still had it, but I was helping a friend do a review on it so it really didn't belong to me which was sad.

And for another old picture, here is my Sugar (The Phoenix)!

Ok, that is enough bike stuff for now, I should go read, or do something constructive...actually I think I will sleep.

See ya!