24 December 2009

Snowboarding, on groomers...and at home

Carbon Leaf rocked on Monday night and then Luke and I got some runs in at Wintergreen on Tuesday before heading to Lynchburg from Richmond. With all the snow that had fallen, they had a good base, and lots of trails open. The fresh snow on top was nice, and the conditions were great, aside from a broken down lift in the highlands, and quite a crowd late in the afternoon...


Today, we hoofed it up the big hill below the cemetery on the farm where we used to dominate on sleds back in the day, and took my older "doo doo" board out for some runs down the hill. We werent sure how it would work out at first, but it went quite well, with the snow still in good shape. Turning was easy, plenty of speed could be had, and we even built a ramp...yeah, cause we are hard core...

20 December 2009

Urban river park hiking and adventures with Luke Dawg

Finding some outdoor adventures despite being somewhat snowed in. Getting to hang out a lot with the Richmond Browns too, which is quite perfect...more to come this evening.

Snowy trail...I need gaiters...

The James is wide here in Richmond

Keep an eye on your stick friends...

19 December 2009

Snow Storm - ahhh too much!

So last night's urban snowy mtb ride in Richmond was sweet!

Too much snow now, Carbon Leaf is postponed till Monday, and looking like our backpacking trip will have to be put on hold too. With all this snow the back roads around Afton are sure to be dominated!

Well, at least the ski conditions should be good, might try and hit Wintergreen.

17 December 2009

I graduated....again!

Last weekend was rad, Luke, Scott, Mom, and Dad all came up to Morgantown to help celebrate my graduation from WVU. Master's degree woot woot.


We had an awesome time, Luke, Scottish, and I all hit the town and hit it pretty hard Saturday night. We were hoping for better weather so we could carve it up at Wisp on Monday, but the rains came, so...it didn't happen. Ahh lame. Soon, the snow will come.

Me with Luke Dawg, Scott Bot, and G-Ball

This week has been pretty chill, getting things ready for my upcoming travels, and then my move. The next few weeks should be solid and will go as follows:

- Wamsley Christmas Ride (Tour de Lights)
- Richmond, VA to hang with Lucas and hopefully catch with Big O and Los
- Bike ridin Saturday
- Carbon Leaf Saturday night....yeaaaah
- Sunday starting a 2 nighter backpack trip on the AT
- Hitting Lynchburg on the 22
- Canaan Valley 26-29
- Back to Morgantown for Evan's Bach party, New Years, and Wedding...


Played this guy at the bar last night, had forgotten how I used to rock out to it back in middle school...

10 December 2009

Fire is the Devil's only friend....

So yes, there is still a solid part of me that likes cars...specifically my rx7, which I miss and is waiting for me to return to it...someday, and this video always brings it back out in me...that, and Liew having lots of Top Gear videos....

Last night's ride was cold, slick, and wet. It was rad though, not sure why it takes me most of the ride to get in tune during the winter, but that is how it goes. That being said, I crashed a few times, and was sluggish for the first 60% of the ride, and then I got my crap together. The New Bontrager 29-3 tires hook up really nice, and tubeless is such a nice ride. 38 and soaking wet will toughen you up for sure. Sucked the energy out of me and I was a zombie until about 10 AM this morning. See the following video...

By the way, the lifetime warranty on Darn Tough socks is the hotness.

And since I'm now completely done with my Master's Degree, and super duper-duper stoked about it, here is my all time personal Jake number one. 

After about a month and a half of transient-ness I'll be heading back to Virginia and taking a job with Shenandoah Mountain Touring, which is best described using the word - "Dragonsauce"

With that in mind, I think this is suitable...

Had a good time hanging out with Robbie and James tonight. Thanks for dinner and drinks yo!

07 December 2009

The Last Two Weeks

The past two weeks consisted of lots of driving, lots of eating, lots of great riding, some climbing, plenty of good company, went from Morgantown, to Lynchburg, to Fincastle, to Harrisonburg, to Raliegh, and back to Morgantown, and it was one heck of a good time.

 Some Pre-Turkey riding at Candler's

 Road Riding with Lemma!

 Climbing too!

 My car was loaded down with funtime goods...

The Rodeo even tripped 190K during my trip

Chris Scott has some good pics of our rides early last week: http://chrisscottistan.blogspot.com/

Today I turned in my bound copies of my thesis and my final signature form = alll done!

Graduation this Sunday - w00t!

30 November 2009

Turkey and mountain bikes

Well yet another thanksgiving has come and gone; along with a great deal of food and time that should have been put to better use. But even though I didn't get much studying done we did get in several good mountain bike rides over the very extended weekend.
Thursday morning Jake and I met a few people at Candler's Mountain for some turkey preparation riding. We rode with Brandon, Ben, Ryan and Bob for a couple hours and then headed back to the parking lot past the Snow-flex. While I think this place is kinda cool, i dont think that i will ever take it in...looks like super rug burn waiting to happen (maybe I'm just a snob). Upon arriving back to the car we ran into some other mountain biker friends and went back out for another hour. Then of course we stuffed ourselves with all sorts of delicious eats and visited with family.
Friday had big plans for all day epic road riding along the parkway and what have you, but nature intervened with cool temperatures and absurd wind gusts, thus we decided to alter our plans. We met Scott and rode the trails at Falling Creek park in Bedford; this was my first time on the trails and i will say that despite the cold and leaves the riding was great. We capped off the ride with a southpaw in the parking lot (well inside jake's car in the parking lot).

And for a change of pace we decided to go on a big mountain ride on saturday instead of the typical sunday. It was a little chilly in places and toasty warm in the sun in others. We drove down passed Glasgow and parked at the Locher parking area rode up a horse trail to the Sulfur springs trail, which crosses the AT a couple times, and rode down the Balcony Falls trail which forces you to get in some great switchback practice. We capped this ride off with a Starr Hill Pale ale and left over chicken biscuits from Mitchell's...awesome. We were able to get off the mountain just in time to make it back to Liberty Hall to catch yet another Thanksgiving; more delicious food. And to finish the night off in style the Hokies caught fire in the 4th quarter to defeat the wahoos for the 10th time in 11 years.
Sunday was spent relaxing in preparation for the weeks to come, we got a traditional breakfast and played some cards with the grand-rents and some quality folks.

27 November 2009


23 November 2009

Rock Climbing at Cooper's

Climbing at Coop's Sunday with Lemma, and Amber


Spent Saturday watching the Bruceton CX races and did a little riding at Cooper's too. Mmm home made Pizza.

Lynchburg, Food, Harrisonburg, PA, Raleigh, all on deck...busy two weeks coming up!

Tunes are back!

16 November 2009

Weekend in the Valley

You know you had a good weekend in Canaan when Monday morning you are still pretty much too exhausted to write much about it...the weather could not have been better...

Picture Time

Two 5+ hour days of riding = so sick.

Nice air Bala!





Larry ate it pretty good early in the ride Sunday.

 Chad took a bog bath...Nice


The riding there is simply awesome. Thanks to Ian for showing us some new sick trails. Thanks to the Lutz brothers for giving us a place to stay for the weekend. Looking forward to the winter and boading at Canaan and Timberline.

11 November 2009

Adventures in cabin life, state parks, travel, and food...

Met some Roberts family members in Hinton, WV this past weekend, for a designated time of chilling and eating. Lucas made us some Chili Friday night, Zach's eggs biscuits and gravy saturday morning, and Wren's beef that night and french toast the next morning. I'm still full, and am in need of getting in more regular riding to reduce the obvious results of my "off season" eating binge that has been occuring since..ooo quite a while now.

The cabin was up on a ridge overlooking Sandstone falls on the New River. It was really nice, and just North of Bluestone and Pipestem State Parks. Luke and I got some time in riding the trails at Bluestone, and made it down for a visit to Pipestem also. It was a good weekend, and we had a great time seeing everyone, looking forward to the next time.




Made it in to Lynchburg Sunday night to visit my folks there and got in some cards with my grandparents. Even got my car inspected...finally...

Hit the road Monday night to Harrisonburg to hang out with Burchy and spent Tuesday morning talking with Chris Scott of Shenandoah Mountain Touring about working with him next year. Its looking like thats gonna happen and I'm super stoked to make the move and work with SMT.

Finally back to Morgantown yesterday evening to see Liew give us his practice presentation for his defense. He defended this morning and he passed! Great job Larry! Way to dominate.

Liew took Bala and I out to the Peking House for lunch and then back to the house and fed us some Durian that he brought back from New York. That is by far the strangest fruit I have ever eaten.



The taste of Durian? Well....the seed is wrapped in what is basically natural pudding with a weird filmy cover. If you arent into textures....dont eat it. Its fruity, sweet, confusing, kinda bitter, and just...well, you should try it.

Lookin' like Canaan Valley this weekend.....hellz yeah.