19 December 2008

Tour de Lights

Last night I was introduced to the local "Tour de Lights" which was most excellent. There was food, and brew, and Christmas Lights! We rode around town checking out lawn lights and goofed around on bikes for a couple hours. Twenty mountain bikers roaming around town at night always leads to a good time.

Ended the night with some play around time at White Park which was mostly a crash fest due to the slick conditions.....yeah, the slick conditions, that's it! I had a blast and hopefully will continue to make it out for events like this one!

15 December 2008

Feel it

Sweet deal.....check out the WVU Cycling blog for some details on our ski trip yesterday! We got in some great riding at Wisp. It was my first time out for the year. I needed to shake out the cobwebs so my brother doesn't show me up too bad when I meed him out in Colorado after the holidays!

Today we got to go and tour the Cannondale factory in Bedford, PA where they will be building our new custom team frames here in the near future!

The tour was really nice, and was hosted by our good friend John Zerbe. We were able to view the entire process from start to finish. The facilities and methods were impressive, and now I am super excited for my new frame!

Right on, pretty boring week here in Motown for the rest of the week. Classes are over! I need to try and do some actually work on thesis related items, and maybe I'll get out on the bike some.

Check it out, I put my old Marzocchi for on my Karate Monkey! Hopefully it still works, I think it looks pretty cool too. Riding rigid makes you feel BA, but I think I'll see how this baby feels for a while.
Out for now, lataaaa.