27 November 2008

Happy T-Give

Geeez, I am the worlds suckiest Blogger. Due to the fact that November has been full of school and has held few super awesome weekends, there has been less to blog about.

That and with the advent of the WVU Cycling blog page, I have spent some times blogging there.

Spent the morning riding doo doo monster, and I will be hitting the turkey hard here pretty soon. Hopefully I will have some cool hiking related pictures tomorrow, and then going to the VT/UVA showdown on Saturday, so it should be a good time!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Here is a picture just for fun...this is where I am, when I am home! (but this pic is in summer of course...and old)

03 November 2008

Dolly Sods!

Another excellent weekend of "awesomeness!"

Lemma and I took a weekend and went backpacking through the Dolly Sods Wilderness outside of Laneville, WV. We had been trying to go for sometime, but with most of the semester full of bike racing, we hadn't had the chance. The weather in the area this weekend was foretold to be almost 60 and sunny, so we went for it! Afterall, the entire week leading up to the weekend had been filled with cold, and even up to 7 inches of snow in Dolly Sods!

We made a stop for the evening first on Friday night to Haloween-it-up with some of our friends from WVU cycling, which as always was quite the good time.

Lemma's folks were also visiting their cabin at Timberline for the weekend so we cruised on over there after leaving the party and enjoyed a good nights sleep and excellent breakfast in the morning. Once we were through eating, we hit the road to the trailhead!

Trails in Dolly Sods are uber rocky in places, and are quite different from what I am used to back home. In the Jefferson and Washington National Forests you get quite spoiled with blazes, signs, and the simplicity of navigation. This is not necessarily the case in Dolly Sods, with signs usually missing, or simply not there, blazes are hard to come by, and most trails are marked only with rock cairns. Luckily we had a handy map and trail book with us that allowed us to successfully make our way over the fifteen mile loop that we had planned out.

All in all it was really nice, we had the opportunity of viewing some spectacular scenery, nice waterfalls, and even had some adventurous sketchy stream crossings. We didn't see much wildlife besides a few curious deer, 500 chipmunks, thirty-five squirrels, and these strange tick-like winged insects?? And, once again, I am without a bear sighting to report...

As a quick note on Collegiate Nationals - it was both really fun, and really humbling. Those guys are on a level I can't even pretend to compete with! However, I really enjoyed the course, and it was a lot of fun racing with so many spectators around. It was cold, wet, rocky, and slick, conditions that I really do enjoy. Well, I suppose I could do without the wet roots, but that's mountain biking!

I didn't delve too much into the party aspect of the weekend, as I was quite concerned about a calc test I had the coming Monday. Liew and I parted with our friends Saturday afternoon after watching the women and men's A shortrack races (which were amazing mudfests that made me terribly jealous) to make it back in time to spend Sunday studying - Awesome!

The highlight for me, well the real highlight being finishing my event!, was that somehow I pulled a spot on cyclingnews.com:

Check it out here!

Welp, that's it for this Monday! Word is there is some sort of election happening tomorrow?

- Jake