31 October 2008

I always do this..

Ok, I swore I would keep up with the blogging this go round...but why have I gone and what has happened!

Well, sorry to my one reader...liew...

Another crazy weekend, partying with the team for halloween in Canaan then backpacking Dolly Sods saturday and sunday with the lady friend.

Good luck to those in the cross race tomorrow!

When I get back, pics and info from the weekend, as well as a touch on last weekend - Nats!


13 October 2008

WVU Cycling - Conference Champs 2008

The WVU cycling team is now conference champs for mountain bike season for 9 consecutive seasons!

The weekend was awesome. We made a another trip down to the Wilkesboro, NC area to hit the Dark Mountain trails once more for conference championships, which was very well hosted by the ASU squad. This year, the season points were coming down to the wire, and our closest rival and good friends in D-I, NCSU brought a large team of 18 riders in an attempt to snatch victory from us!

After getting spanked pretty good, by ASU and NCSU in the grueling XC race, we performed great in the gravity events, especially in Super D and Downhill put us in the lead, and our second place finished in the Dual Slalom and Short Track on Sunday were enough to seal the deal on another Conference Championship!

Short Track is cool, but maaaan do I suck at it, haha.

It was really great being a part of that this year. Last year was just too busy, just starting grad school, and I really missed out on a lot, but I made up for it this go 'round. The season was super fun, I personally had some ups and downs, had plenty of flats, including one in the short track! Nooo! (That was a huge bummer because I was having a great time out there!)

WVU was all over the podium during the weekend, with first place finishes in all kinds of events. Yours truely even finished 3rd in the Men's B Downhill, and 3rd overall conference in Men's B gravity. Super D is where it's at. I even worked out a 5th place finish in Men's B Super D, despite my pedal exploding towards the end of my race!

Pretty bummed that the season is almost over, though I won't miss the constant driving for a while. We've got one more weekend to go! Since I raced in the A class for XC this season (getting my tail handed to me the entire time), and we won our conference, I qualify for Nationals down in Boone, NC during the last weekend in October! I think I'll try my hand at the XC race and see how it goes.

I'll collect some more pics as the week goes on, and I will try and get them up here!

Two more races to go before its officially end of MTB race season for me!

Collegiate Nats, and the ROWDY DAWG! - hopefully we will swing through BBurg on our way back from Nats to do the Rowdy Dawg. My buddies Scott, Clint, and Brandon will be there, and I will have tired legs...I gotta get out there for bragging rights! Not sure how that will go with the way I've been riding lately!

Competing against 1/2 of our 3rd place Conyers Team. (Luke is too cool and is living in Ft. Collins these days!)


06 October 2008

Mountain Bike Racing!

Oooo the weekend was full of more collegiate racing, and marines somehow...

The place we ended up camping was also inhabited by a whole group of marines doing a weekends worth of training. So, after the weekend, they will be able to handle themselves in combat situations along with people in spandex riding bikes around them too!

The WVU team did really well, and we were able to carry a big squad down. Pretty sure we placed well setting us up for a big weekend next week at Conference Champs down in Boone, NC. Hopefully we can pull off another conference championship!

As usual, some of our antics got us into a little bit of trouble, but it's all in good fun!

As seems to be the case for me in NC as of late, I flatted out the XC race with not one, but two flats. I need to start carrying more tubes!

Lemma had a great outing as well, beating out some other ladies! I ended up with 3rd in the Men's A Short Track on Sunday which was pretty sweet! Although, I had a pretty stellar crash into/off of the small bridge near the pond coming in to the finish on my last lap!

I blame it on the Troll...

Welp, that's about it for now, should be another fun one coming up this weekend! Cheers to single speeds!