21 September 2008

For your listening pleasure...


Oh man, so I survived my first whitewater rafting experience. I've done a little knocking around in a kayak before, but nothing over a class III. This was a trip on the Lower Gauley river in Summersville, WV. Met a group of Roberts family members and friends I had not seen in quite a long time, and we had a really great time. Much like biking, beer is an excellent post-rafting refreshment, and we cooked out an amazing meal when we got back to the NARR campground. I was a pretty weak though, and didn't take many pictures. Some others did, however and I imagine I will get my hands on them soon!

I look forward to trying the Upper Gauley later in October. I wish I was good enough at kayaking to run rivers like that, maybe someday.

I am super tired today, but it is very nice outside, and I think I will get out on my mountain bike for a couple hours this afternoon with some friends. More collegiate racing next weekend in Blacksburg, VA hosted by my alma mater! Should be most excellent!


18 September 2008

ahh I started a new blog...

Well, hopefully I keep this up...blogging starts tomorrow.